my hands? Do they really have to be disposed of and bear the name of cruelty?

Baron Sith can lend me 10,000 gold coins, which is already very interesting. I can’t push him into a hurry.
But even with these ten thousand gold coins, what should I use to fill the remaining big hole?
Uncle Holman, don’t you think that at this time, anyone is really willing to lend me money?
Even within the family, if they knew the news, they would probably complain.
Rather than embarrass everyone, it is better not to say this at all to avoid hurting feelings. ”
Baron Kettle said mockingly.
If you don’t ask to borrow money, you will never know how popular you are. The nobles who had good relations with each other in the past only spent two to three hundred gold coins to deal with it this time.
In the future, everyone will have to support and watch each other, but now we are only willing to lend this small amount of money. Then it would be even more difficult to ask relatives and friends who are far away in the north and will have difficulty communicating with each other in the future to pay for it.
After all, what nobles pay attention to is mutual benefit and reciprocity, and they cannot let others pay unilaterally without seeing any return!
Baron Kettle, who had seen through all this, did not blame others, but chose to deal with it actively.
At least in the last conversation, he was sure that Hudson was interested in these orc slaves. Although this buyer may not necessarily have money, he is still a buyer after all.
After going around in a circle and tricking the Sith Baron, the two appeared on the negotiating table again.
Hudson has not changed much, but Baron Kettle’s mentality has undergone a transformation. The cruel reality told him that the personal connections he had built before were not reliable.
In the last negotiation, he still had some confidence. I thought that the worst outcome would be to lose a fortune, but with the help of relatives and friends, the worst possible outcome would be to keep the territory.
The reality is very embarrassing. If the kingdom’s fiefdom system were not strict, there might be people who would like him to go bankrupt so that they can come and take over the fiefdom.
/“Baron Kettle, I’ll tell you the truth. I am indeed interested in these slaves, but the Mountain Territory is currently short of financial resources, and the cash it can use is only 20,000 gold coins at most.
If the transaction is made at this price, I’m afraid you will suffer a heavy loss this time. It’s not in line with the spirit of chivalry to take advantage of others, so I didn’t make an offer last time. ”
After hearing what Hudson said, Baron Kettle groaned secretly.
A crooked businessman talking about “chivalry” was originally very funny, but now he can’t laugh at all.
The only buyer had insufficient financial resources and kept saying that he would not take advantage of the situation, so why not let him take the initiative and let others rob it?
Typical of being both responsible and independent, yet unwilling