t time, I picked up the pillow immediately, and then I saw a mobile phone under the pillow. I didn’t know when I put it there.

t time, I picked up the pillow immediately, and then I saw a mobile phone under the pillow. I didn’t know when I put it there.
I picked up the phone and tried to press the power button. I found that the phone was on and there was an unread text message on the interface. I opened it and saw that the sender was a familiar number. Naturally, I couldn’t remember it wrong. , this is the number that asked me to go to the community where Sun Yao fell. The content of the message is – it is very dangerous here, you must leave as soon as possible.
I was deeply shocked when I saw this sentence, because just when I suddenly remembered that incident, I already felt something was wrong. Now that I saw such a text message again, I felt even more panicked, but soon I I calmed down because I remembered the text message that sent me an address. It was because of that text message that I became what I am now.
So, I began to hesitate whether to believe the words of this text message.
And just when I was hesitating, the screen suddenly flashed. It was this number. I hesitated and answered the call, but I was afraid of waking up Peng Jiakai, so I used a very low voice.
There was still that deep male voice on the other end of the phone. I asked: “Who are you?”
He said: “You are in danger now. If you don’t believe me, you can go to Peng’s house and look under the bed. What will you find? .”
/After saying that, the call was hung up, and I was still in shock and could not recover, but soon I stuffed the phone under the pillow and lay on the bed, because I seemed to hear the sound of Peng’s door opening.
Sure enough, soon I heard footsteps in the living room. It must have been Peng Jiakai who heard some noise. So I lay on the bed and pretended to be asleep. He didn’t knock on my door. Then I heard his door ring again. , should have gone in.
I haven’t fallen asleep since then, constantly thinking about what he meant by what he said and what was under the Peng family’s bed. This kind of random speculation made me feel a little uneasy. To be on the safe side, I turned on my phone. All the messages and call records were deleted and placed under the mattress. This phone must not be discovered by the Peng family.
Peng’s house got up very early in the morning, and then he went downstairs to buy breakfast. I didn’t know where he was going to buy it. Although I was suspicious, I didn’t go to his room to look for it immediately. Instead, I sat down I was watching TV on the sofa, and sure enough, he went out and came back again, saying that he forgot to bring money. I looked calm on the surface, but in fact, I never imagined that he was deliberately testing me, which meant that he did hear something last night. There should be some suspicion about the movement.
So I suppressed the curiosity in my heart. Even though he had actually gone to buy breakfast, I still didn’t go to his room. I knew that now was not the time and I needed to wait for a suitable time.
The same was true when I went to buy breakfast for him, and I could see th