est sister has spoken, what’s the matter? Feel free to ask. What? Do you want to take back what you just said?” “

est sister has spoken, what’s the matter? Feel free to ask. What? Do you want to take back what you just said?” ”
Tang Rouyu said: “Okay, Xiaoyun, don’t say anything.”
“But big”
Tang Rouyu glared at her, and Qiu Yun didn’t speak. , and turned to glare at Fang Fang. Tang Rouyu said with a smile: “I can give you 10,000 learning points, and 2 for B and below level assessments each. As for the resurrection props you mentioned, there are none. You can choose to have them or not.” Tang Rouyu does have three drops left.” “Fire Flower Juice”, one drop was a mission prize, and two drops were given by Yin Kuang. When she was “Pandora”, she wanted to use “Fire Flower Juice” to resurrect her, but because she was hit by her own “Golden Seat Tang Lotus”, her body was crushed by Concubine Xiao, and she was unjustly sent back to college. But is she willing to give such a precious thing to others? joke!
“Say,” Fang Fang just wanted to say, “You don’t mean what you say,” but when she saw Yin Kuang’s cold eyes, she didn’t dare to say any more. Tang Rouyu still smiled, and then handed over the learning points and level assessment. Then, Fang Fang and Lin Xiuying left after receiving compensation. From afar, Fang Fang could be heard scolding Lin Xiuying for being stupid.
But when Tang Rouyu fantasized about Ouyang Mu, she found that she and Bai Lu had left without knowing when. Qiu Yun shouted at this time: “Ah! Class is about to start! Let’s go quickly.” Yin Kuang and Tang Rouyu looked at each other, and then the three of them stopped talking and ran towards the classroom quickly.
So, another afternoon of class!
/The incident at noon was quickly spread among the audience, and another wave of gossip set off in the circle of freshmen and sophomores.
After class in the afternoon, Yin Kuang and Tang Rouyu walked for a while together. Yin Kuang also told what happened at noon during the conversation. As for Lu Xialeng’s matter, Yin Kuang didn’t hide anything. This shows Yin Kuang’s trust in Tang Rouyu. After knowing the truth of the matter, even Tang Rouyu blushed. However, she quickly changed the topic to Qian Qianqian to cover up her gaffe. In the rush of coming out at noon, Yin Kuang couldn’t tell what Qian Qianqian’s condition was like. So Tang Rouyu urged Yin Kuang to stop accompanying her and go back quickly to check on Qian Qianqian’s condition.
Yin Kuang was indeed very nervous about Qian Qianqian’s situation. However, he still sent Tang Rouyu to the dormitory. Then he quickly rushed back to his dormitory. After all, Lu Xialeng is still there! Yin Kuang didn’t want to have trouble with Qian Qianqian just after dealing with Tang Rouyu.
Thinking of Lu Xia Leng, Yin Kuang felt as if his whole scalp was crawling with little bugs and it was so numb!
/He hurried back to his dormitory and said hello to Li Shuangmu and Leng Huaping who happened to be back. Without talking about anything else, he pushed open the “coffin lid” of his dormitory.
As soon as the door opened, a fragrant smell rushed into Yin Kuang’s nos