Han Bo’s subordinates were discussing Han Bo with people from the Procuratorate. Thousands of miles ago, the multi-functional hall on the third floor of Liangfa Building in Sigang County was full of people. The guests and hosts were having a good time and talking and laughing about Hanbo.
The county magistrate of a county in the counterpart support province led a delegation to study and inspect. It was brought back by Li Xiaolei, the “big celebrity” in Sigang, and Lao Lu, the former “Tu Emperor” of Liangzhuang. County Party Committee Secretary Luo Hongxin attached great importance to it. Not only did he work with Magistrate Yang and Deputy Gu The county magistrate and Director Wang of the Agricultural Bureau met with the guests, and also invited the owners of the Silk Group and 23 silk reeling companies in the county to come and have discussions.
“County Magistrate Wang, when it comes to cocoon silk, Han Bo and Xiaolei are not outsiders.”
Luo Hongxin looked back at the CEO of the Silk Group and said happily: “Comrade Han Bo started working in the current Silk Group and the former Sigang County Silk Road. He served as deputy section chief of the Security Section of the General Textile Factory. After he was transferred to the Public Security Bureau, Xiaolei joined the Silk Group with a higher starting point than Han Bo and served as the general manager of the group’s Beijing company. Regarding the development of our Sigang Cocoon Silk and even the entire light textile industry, Xiaolei Lei has made greater contributions than Han Bo. She specializes in exports and foreign trade. She gets hundreds of millions of orders every year. How many people are employed, how many silkworm farmers increase their incomes, how many profits and taxes are created for the county, and how many tasks of earning foreign exchange are completed?”
” Secretary Luo, I have heard that Xiaolei is a very capable person, so I made a preemptive decision and hired Xiaolei as the economic advisor to our Yushan County People’s Government without even saying hello to Deputy County Magistrate Han.” ”
We have two powerful people from Si Gang . All of our people have been poached by you, Yushan. County Magistrate Wang, you have to show your respect tonight, otherwise we will be mentally unbalanced!”
Luo Hongxin made a joke, and then changed the subject: “County Magistrate Wang, all my friends from Yushan who have come from afar. On the issue of promoting sericulture production, developing cocoon silk, increasing the income of the masses, and lifting the people of Yushan out of poverty, our Sigang County Party Committee and County Government fully supports it. What Xiaolei just said is very reasonable. This is also a matter of complementary advantages and mutual benefit. Matter.”
/The influence of the deputy couple in their hometown is amazing!
/Yesterday in Nangang, I was received by three members of the Municipal Standing Committee, a district party secretary, and two district mayors. I was really flattered.
When I arrived in