s hand to shake hands politely.

s hand to shake hands politely.
Well, the hand is not very slippery.
Looking at her skin color and body shape, she probably practiced sports like herself.
“Jingjing is a beach volleyball player in our city. Like you, she is also engaged in sports. You two have a common topic, old grandson, let’s go, I just haven’t finished looking at some shoes.” My
mother was quite straightforward and had already pulled her. Dad got out of the way.
Sun Jing seems quite talkative.
“It’s okay. Do you still watch basketball?”
/It’s been many years since he and Yoselin separated. Although his parents made arrangements behind his back, he didn’t resist.
It’s not a bad thing to have contact with different women. He can’t really be a monk all his life, right?
“Well, I usually take a look when I have time. I won’t spend most of my time training. I also want to join the provincial team earlier and then join the national team.” “That’s
a good thing. I usually spend most of my time training. You Do you have any hobbies?”
Sun Hao had already begun to get into the role.
“My hobby. When I’m not training, I like to stay at home and watch movies. Oh, by the way, it may be because the weather is hot when I’m training. I like drinking ice water. This can be regarded as a hobby.”
I like drinking ice water .
After all, universal hot water will be defeated one day.
Speaking of ice water, Koreans particularly like it.
And this hobby is completely opposite to his.
One likes to stay at home and watch movies and drink ice water, while the other likes to travel and drink wolfberry tea.
However, Sun Hao felt that the other party was quite comfortable talking to him, and he felt that he could be in contact with him again.
After a meal, the two also exchanged contact information.
Although compared with the original Yoselin, there is less beauty and innocence, but there is more peace and truth.
Athletes and athletes should be able to chat a lot.
In the next few days, Sun Hao was either spending time with his parents or asking Sun Jing out to play.
Slowly, he discovered that he actually enjoyed this kind of life.
On the court, he is the boy who kills everyone, but off the court, he is just an ordinary person.
“I recently bought a new movie from the United States. Do you want to watch it together?”
After several dates, Sun Jing also extended an invitation to Sun Hao to watch the movie together.
Of course, there were very few movie theaters at this time, and there was nothing interesting to see. This was equivalent to inviting Sun Hao to watch it at home.
Go to the girl’s house, Sun Hao readily agreed.
/Don’t think too much, he just wants to watch a movie together.
Sun Hao also bought a car after returning to China and drove Sun Jing to her home.
On the way, the two of them also talked about the movies they wanted to watch.
Sun Hao had never heard of the name of the movie before, but it sounded like something he had watched for Nelson’s daughter Anna before, a family drama or something like that.
The n