it was not surprising that Sun Hao would say this.

it was not surprising that Sun Hao would say this.
“I won’t directly suggest you choose Yao, because you have a very good eye for people.”
Sun Hao said something that was against his will. His heart ached a little, but he couldn’t do it without saying it.
/Sure enough, Jordan smiled after hearing this. He likes to hear this kind of words.
“But I still suggest that you give Yao a trial training opportunity. You know there are so many big men this year. If they can face-to-face confrontation, maybe you can see more intuitively.”
Sun Hao continued.
After listening, Jordan thought thoughtfully and finally nodded.
A trial training opportunity is just a trial training opportunity.
The cost of one more spot is actually very small. It should be given as an extra gift because he was in a good mood while training with Sun Hao today.
After the training, Sun Hao returned to the hotel.
Yao Ming is also back over there, but like Sun Hao, he is also sweating profusely.
After filming the documentary, he probably went to find a stadium to train.
Yao Ming was able to play in the NBA because of his talent, character, and self-discipline.
This day is the Bulls’ separate trial.
Sun Hao didn’t forget to bring his thermos cup before going out. This kind of solo trial training will last for a long time.
This is a must-have item if you are accompanying him.
Bill Duffy, the agent Yao Ming mentioned before, is also here.
Duffy looked young, in his forties, with a round face and short hair, and he looked like a good guy.
But speaking of it, Duffy is not a big-name agent in the NBA. He relies on connections to get started.
The player he really started with is Antonio Davis, now of the Raptors.
Davis was selected as an All-Star this season, and his fame has only begun.
But Duffy does have a vision, as Yao Ming said, he became his agent two years ago.
And seeing that Sun Hao was there, he also took the initiative to say hello and chat about something.
Anyone’s success is never accidental.
The trial training started soon, because the joint trial training had just ended, and those static trial trainings were not tested today, and they directly entered the confrontation phase.
In this trial, except for Kwame Brown, several high-quality big men from this class are here.
Chandler, Gasol, Eddie Curry, Eddie Griffin, DeSagena Diop, and of course Yao Ming.
Just like when Yao Ming was training with the Mavericks, it was a one-on-one confrontation under the basket.
The difference is that this is a wheel battle. The winner stays on the field, while the loser prepares for his turn in the next round.
The first to appear were Eddie Curry and Eddie Griffin.
/Both men are named Eddie, but they are quite different in size.
Griffin is 2.08 meters tall and weighs 109 kilograms. He is an inside swingman, and his height and weight are not bad.
But compared with Curry, Curry is much worse. At 2.13 meters and 133 kilograms, Curry is simply a little O’Neal.
The confrontation between the two was also completel