drew a crimson moon on his chest.

He didn’t add the magic potion formula of “psychiatrist” because he knew that this was a task that Dast would definitely not be able to complete in his current status, and the other party would be exposed if he wasn’t careful.
Therefore, he planned to take his time and help Daxter gain a higher position in the Psychological Alchemy Society step by step.
In this way, the long-term benefits will be very, very rich.
Klein didn’t stop any longer. He first looked outside through the hole in the door, then quickly left and turned to the small shooting range belonging to the Nighthawks.
After entering there and locking the door, his face darkened again. In his speculation about the Goddess Church not summarizing the “acting method” just now, he thought of something that he had ignored.
The reason why he ignored it was because the two things that were supposed to be related were reversed in the order of acquisition, which prevented him from thinking further.
Because Klein knew that the gap between the two things was too long, he almost didn’t analyze them together, and thus ignored the weirdness in them. But now, after listing them like this, the problem is quite obvious.
Since the Antigonus family at least possesses a large part of the sequences of the “Soothsayer” path, how could the Church of the Goddess of the Night, which completely destroyed them, only obtain Sequence 9 “Soothsayer”
This cannot be the only loot harvested
Just the members of the “Aurora Society” who get a magical notebook from the Antigonus family can get the “Joker” formula. What about the Church of the Goddess of the Night, which destroyed the entire Antigonus family?
Even if the Antigonus family had been prepared and hid the most valuable things on the main peak of the Honakis Mountains, the Church of the Goddess of the Night should not have only gained such a small amount. They had killed many Antigonus. Family members, but the dead can speak
Klein took a few steps back and forth in the small shooting range, thinking about the intentions of the Church of the Goddess of the Night regarding the “Soothsayer” sequence:
“They don’t want Nighthawks to choose this path, or they don’t want them to become stronger on this path, so they just issued Sequence 9 which has obvious auxiliary effects. The diviner captain also said that the Holy Temple may have a follow-up formula.”
“No, in the confidential information I can see, they did not even provide the names of the potions corresponding to Sequence 8 and Sequence 7, but only described the corresponding combat characteristics. In other words, they do not want the people below to know that the higher-ups have mastered the corresponding information”
/“Could it be that all Nighthawks who choose this path may become the vengeful evil spirits of the Antigonus family, so the church leaders made similar decisions? Or is there another reason?”
For a moment, Klein was full of doubts about the higher-ups of the Church of the Night Goddess. He was highly wary and vigilant.