As Klein listened, he suddenly understood what the “Queen of Mystery” was thinking and expecting:
She had some doubts that the “Fool” was the resurrected Russell. She suspected that the emperor had deceived everyone in the first place. In fact, he did not want to switch to the “Black Emperor” path, but chose another path, so that now he wanted to collect past diaries. , “The Card of Blasphemy” to find yourself.
It’s a pity that I’m just Uncle Zhou next door… Klein wanted to say a witticism in his heart, but his emotions gradually settled down and it was difficult to force himself to relax.
Without saying anything, he stood up, bowed, put on his hat, and left the room.
After closing the door of the “Golden Theater” box and taking two steps forward, Klein suddenly heard a quiet and melodious melody.
This melody is ethereal and spreads out, with a touch of sadness.
Klein stopped to listen for a few seconds, then turned back to the hall and left using “Flame Leap”.
In Silver City, a team gathered at the city gate and was about to set off.
This is the team heading to Afternoon Town, preparing to explore the “Giant King’s Court”.
On his left and right were Joshua and Haim, who were always ready to take over the “Darknessless Cross” to prevent Derrick’s extraordinary characteristics from being released.
——Such a sealed object must be mastered by three people in turns to resist the negative effects.
When looking down at the Creator’s relics, Derrick suddenly felt that someone was watching him. He subconsciously raised his head and looked over, and found that it was the member of the “Six-person Council” and the “Shepherd” elder Lovia.
The shortest lady in the team, with long silver-grey and slightly curly hair, was looking at the mottled ancient “darkless cross” with light gray eyes, and there was a bit of heat in her eyes.
Sensing Derrick’s looking back, the “shepherd” elder’s mouth moved slightly, revealing an indescribable smile:
“This is the Lord’s.”
Derrick shivered inexplicably, and then heard Chief Colin Iliad say:
“Set off.”
In the Backlund Bridge area, in a small alley, Xio once again met the MI9 personnel responsible for liaison with him.
“This is the reward you received for your meritorious service, totaling 2,500 pounds. Haha, I helped you get an extra 500 pounds.” The man wearing the gold mask threw a bulging envelope to Xio.
Xio caught it accurately without counting. He pressed it instinctively and said sincerely:
/The man in the golden mask waved his hand and said:
“You’re welcome, this is also a good thing for me. If you are still entangled in the past and don’t let go, I’m worried that I will end up in a military court one day.
“Will you stay in Backlund next?”
“Yes, I’m used to life in a big city. When the war stops, I will bring my family here.” Xio said the words she had thought about for a long time.
“When the war stops…” The man in the golden mask repeated Xio’s middle sentence in a slightly weird tone, and said with a smile, “May the Lord bless us all to