d if he had been a little smarter the story would have been more complicated, but his choices were equally consistent with his state and underlying logic.”

“Backus and others purchased weapons and targeted Elliot, the youngest son of tobacco merchant Vic Rolle.”
“In the end, they successfully carried out the kidnapping and brought Elliot back to the opposite side of Railbibb’s house. Vicroll’s old butler Kelly accepted the master’s entrustment and began to seek help from the security company.”
“Due to the impact of Welch’s death case, the manpower of security companies and private detectives was tight. Kelly accidentally met a food delivery waiter and accidentally learned of the existence of Blackthorn Security Company.”
“Leonard Mitchell and Klein accepted the commission and relied on the abilities of the Extraordinary to quickly rescue Elliot. Unfortunately, Klein failed to immediately discover the Antigonus family notes hidden across the street. clue.”
“However, his spirituality reminded him in his dream, and the Tingen City Nighthawks team obtained the corresponding clues.”
/“Sealed Artifact 2049 arrived in Tingen. With the help of this puppet of the Antigonus family, Dunn Smith led the Nighthawks to find Riel Biber and interrupted his digestion process.”
“Reil Bieber turned into a monster and the situation got out of hand.”
“In the end, the Nighthawks, who cooperated skillfully, eliminated the monster Bieber, but they immediately had to face the attack of the Secret Order members again.”
Many lines have been painted over, making it difficult to see the original content:
“Leonard, who was hiding a secret, was about to end the matter without any doubt. Klein, who was supposed to be dead, once again inexplicably killed the members of the Secret Order of Sequence 7.”
“This did not affect the development of the story. Dunn Smith came into contact with the Antigonus family’s notes and read its contents, which was secretly tainted.”
/“After completing all preparations, Lanervus seduced Hudeogen and asked him to help him perform the ceremony, using the defrauded fiancée Megoose as a carrier to give birth to the heir of the true creator.”
“Lervus has almost no chance of success. The most serious problem is that even with the protection of ritual power, Megoos cannot bear the intercourse with the illusory projection of the god, which will make her die on the altar.”
“At this time, the kind-hearted Inz Zangwill secretly helped Lanreus. He separated half of the collected characteristics of the descendants of Death and implanted them into Megoos’s body a certain time in advance.”
“Hood Eugen put Megaos into a semi-coma state, allowing her to regard the illusory projection of the true Creator as Lanerwus. Moistened by the resentment accumulated day and night in the factory area, the substantial darkness and depression catalyzed it. Next, the ceremony was successful, and Megoos became pregnant with the true Creator’s heir. The god saw the coincidence of things, but He who hoped to break through the seven gods’ bl