beating inside the tree of flesh and blood, strong and powerful.

When Senor couldn’t stand the noise anymore, the tree of flesh and blood suddenly withered, rotted into mud, and spread out.
Where it originally existed, there remained a flesh-colored, wet, sticky ball.
Soon, the little ball grew limbs, a head, and turned into a palm-sized humanoid creature.
There are no eyes, no nose, no ears on its face, just a hole-like mouth.
From that mouth, gray-white mist was spit out and then retracted, many times in a row without stopping.
The old man named Jacks recited “The Mother Tree of Desire” religiously and enthusiastically many times, and reached out to grab the weird little man.
Silently, all the candlelight went out, but for the “Wraith Souls” with night vision, this did not affect their ability to see things.
“Blood Admiral” Senior looked at Jacks and heard the adult say in a low voice:
“We have been preparing for this ceremony for too long, and God’s gift can help us sense the current existence on a larger scale.
/“Then, we can use the glasses made by members of the School of Life to find him accurately.”
As he spoke, Jacks took out a monocle from his inner pocket. It looked no different from normal, but it shone with a white light in the darkness.
“Master Jacks, what should we do next?” Senior asked respectfully.
Jacks, who had deep wrinkles, thought for a few seconds and said:
“After daybreak, go find the target.
“If he has powerful helpers, we will monitor him to prevent him from leaving the sensing range, and then wait patiently for Sir Si’a to arrive.
“If he has no protector and is weak, then we will take action directly.”
When he heard the word Si’a, “Blood Admiral” Senior’s forehead twitched obviously. It seemed that the adult’s name alone could make people fear him.
He took a slow breath and said:
“Yes, Lord Jacks”
After answering, Senior instinctively touched the necklace hanging on his chest.
The necklace seemed to be made of sterling silver, and the pendant was an ancient-looking coin.
Klein, who was frightened by the telegram, didn’t sleep much for the rest of the night. When dawn came, he sacrificed his suitcase, wallet and most of the cash above the gray fog.
/After dealing with the traces, he went to the hotel front desk to pay the bill. He took a carriage straight to the edge of Bayam, left the city and went up the mountain, as if he was going to the cemetery prepared for the local indigenous people.
Halfway through the journey, he suddenly turned into the woods, planning to walk in a straight line to the edge of the cliff, where a huge undersea creature was already waiting below.
Birds were chirping and insects were crawling in the woods, and small beasts were occasionally passing by. Klein stepped on the humus-laden ground and walked very fast.
Along the way, he could see mushrooms growing after the rain, rags and other garbage left by some Byam citizens from their picnics. Everything was so peaceful and accompanied by the fresh morning air.
A leaf fell down, and Klein