don’t force me!”

don’t force me!”
Lin Xin rose into the air, and the sound of a sword suddenly spread.
“The sword of the heart’s eye, the red flowers sing!”
Ding! !
At the same time as the sword rang, the red flower sword in his hand suddenly took off his hand, turning into a red line of lightning and stabbing Zheng Yunzhen, more than twice as fast as before.
This sword was much faster than the previous fight with Wusheng Daozi.
After upgrading his attributes, Lin Xin’s fifty-seven damage points not only meant that his own attributes were simply improved, but also that based on these attributes, the special sword skills he displayed were stronger and faster!
Coupled with the increase in damage speed and strength, it is not all revealed at once, but requires a process in which the body adapts to the increase.
Now, after all this time, Lin Xin’s full strength has truly reached 57 kill points. It is much better than when the attributes were not completely ridiculous just after the upgrade.
Caught off guard, Zheng Yun really had no time to block him. The distance was too close, so he could only barely dodge to the right in time.
With a hiss, the red thread penetrated the protective spiritual light fiercely. The speed slowed down slightly, but it still tore off a piece of robe from his shoulders.
Then he passed by him.
Now that he had made a fool of himself in front of the juniors, Zheng Yunzhen suddenly became angry.
“Yunchu Xiujian!”
His sword blade shook, and the white clouds around him condensed, turning into white flying swords.
he shouted sharply.
Dozens of flying swords that suddenly condensed quickly began to fly around, forming a large circular formation around them.
“Since your Excellency is serious about it, don’t blame me for being rude!”
“You’re welcome.” Lin Xinping raised his red flower sword and shook it lightly.
Suddenly the blade of the sword glowed with red light, and each rune lit up. A sad and inexplicable sword intention mixed with the red light, burned with a roar, and turned into a bloody flame, completely covering Lin Xin. The man and his sword were all on fire.
At this time, he used Qilin, which was much stronger than the previous moves, but it was not enough to move Zheng Yunzhen, who was at the peak of the question.
“Self-enlightenment of the sword? Yes, I want to see what you have to rely on if you dare to go up the mountain alone to challenge the old man!”
At this time, he basically understood the details of the opponent. It was a sword technique that he had never seen before. It seemed that It is a combat method formed by the blending of sword intent, formation talismans, and other things.
I have never heard of such characteristics among Zhongfu Dazong.
/Since he is not a powerful sect in Zhongfu, he doesn’t have to worry and can let go.
Zheng Yunzhen gave the order, and the white sword array immediately enveloped Lin Xin.
Lin Xinying also swung his sword.
With a bang, the red flame turned into a beast head several meters h