nyuan’s true intention to repair the biochemical robot.

nyuan’s true intention to repair the biochemical robot.
“It’ll be ready soon.” Jiang Jinyuan replied to Liu Gan, but he was busy for another ten minutes before finally stopping.
When Jiang Jinyuan was about to press a voice icon on the screen and say something to Maicon on the handheld computer, Liu Gan reached out to stop him and grabbed the handheld computer.
“What are you doing?” Liu Gan asked Jiang Jinyuan.
“I just ran the initialization program on her. Now as long as we record our voices, she can record and recognize our voice data and follow our instructions in the future.” Jiang Jinyuan explained to Liu Qian a little guilty. sentence.
“In other words, let her recognize the player as her master like the pets in other online games?” Liu Qian thought about it on his own. If this is the case, this biochemical robot has some value, and her combat ability is still very powerful.
“That’s about it.” Jiang Jinyuan nodded.
“Are you just planning to record your voice so that she can recognize you as her master?” Liu Gan then asked Jiang Jinyuan.
“Well, I plan to record my voice first, and then your voice. After she records it, she will mark us according to the characteristics of the voice and recognize us as her masters.” Jiang Jinyuan answered vaguely After saying a few words to Liu Gan, he reached out to take back the handheld computer.
“You don’t have to. She just needs her to recognize my voice and follow my instructions. I am fully responsible for your safety in the Trembling World. You don’t need to worry about it.” Liu Qian was not prepared to return the handheld computer to Jiang. Jin Yuan means.
/“That” Jiang Jin originally wanted to take advantage of Liu Qian’s lack of attention and rush to set himself as the first master of the biochemical robot. In this case, if his instructions conflict with those of Liu Qian, the biochemical robot will give priority to his instructions, but it seems that Liu Qian has already seen through this and will not give him this chance at all.
“You told me before you came here that you would help me find high-tech products and medicines when we got to the laboratory, so I agreed to escort you. I finally found the high-tech products, but you changed your mind and wanted to possess them. It doesn’t seem right?” Liu Qian and Jiang Jinyuan began to reason, and at the same time they hit the ground with the fire ax in their hands.
When talking to people, you must not only understand them rationally, but also force them to do so, in order to be effective.
“I don’t mean that. Just do as you say. You click on the microphone icon on the screen and enter your voice.” Jiang Jinyuan replied to Liu Gan with a few words. After being discovered, he could no longer do anything secretly. He knew that Liu Gan was already a little angry when he said those words. If he dared to continue to anger Liu Gan, Liu Gan might just chop him down with an axe.
“What did I say?” Liu Qian asked Jiang Jinyuan before pressing the Mai icon.
“You can say whatever you want. The more you speak,