“Fish Daddy is here!”
“He wants to dance this dance himself!”
During the discussion between all parties, the stage darkened, and Lin Yuan, who was already ready, walked onto the stage, which immediately caused countless exclamations!
And Lin Yuan’s dance partner is surprisingly another female singer from Yu Dynasty, Zhao Yingke!
Behind Lin Yuan.
/On the stage.
Singer Jiang Kui smiled.
Music starts.
This is music composed by Lu Sheng, and the song is called “Glimmer”.
Lin Yuan provided Lu Sheng with a lot of suggestions, basically creating them in the style of a waltz, which is in line with the movement characteristics of the dance.
Jiang Kui started singing.
Lin Yuan and Zhao Yingchrome started dancing.
These movements are somewhat similar to the previous tango.
At first, the audience thought this was Xianyu taking out the tango and dancing it again.
But soon.
The difference between waltz and tango comes out.
When the two figures separated, a Condra suddenly exchanged.
Walk sideways and slide.
Step back and slide.
Heavy tilt.
Open and natural turn.
Turn your feet naturally.
Electric pattern left turn and other classic waltz moves are presented one by one!
Live auditorium.
At first, the audience just thought that this was Xianyu performing tango with Zhao Yingke again, but after watching it, they realized something was wrong.
With the beautiful music, the audience was gradually attracted and became more and more fascinated.
When Zhao Yingke’s body moved backward, Xianyu just supported her waist. This classic stop-motion action detonated the audience!
“I have a girlish heart!”
“This is too romantic!”
“At first I thought it was tango created by Daddy Fish, but later I realized it wasn’t. It seems to be a new ballroom dance!”
“Swap this position!”
“This footwork matches!”
“Look, Zhao Yingke’s waist is so deep!”
“What a nice view!”
“It feels softer than tango!”
“The music and the rhythm are so comfortable!”
The singing continues.
The dance continues.
Zhao Yingchun and Lin Yuan now cooperate with each other more tacitly than before. The two dance without forgetting eye contact.
ups and downs.
The two actually moved forward with their arms crossed.
While walking, Lin Yuan caught Zhao Yingke in a backward step and started to spin.
Leaning left and right, interspersed with forward and horizontal steps, it seems to match the climax of the music, and the movement becomes more and more difficult.
on the stage.
The follow lights are mottled.
Beat it down gently and affectionately.
Lin Yuan raised his hand, turned Zhao Yingchrome 90 degrees to the left or 90 degrees to the right, and finally fell into the arms of the former.
Under the singing.
The audience was mesmerized.
It’s like watching an idol drama.
The romantic atmosphere makes the air ambiguous and pink.
After all, Xianyu’s good looks are there, and Zhao Yingchrome is also a typical beauty with big eyes and long legs. The cooperation like a prince and pri