“No need to modify it?”

“Don’t you normally have requests for modifications and the like?”
“On behalf of Lin, Niubi will be done.”
“Worship the boss!”
“Give the boss a knee!”
Under normal circumstances, even if Party A is satisfied with the song, they will put forward some suggestions for modifications to achieve the purpose of more suitable for their game.
Only when you are completely satisfied will you choose it directly without modification.
This song “Laughter in Jianghu” is the kind of work that perfectly meets the requirements and does not require any modification.
Does Party A know how long it took Representative Lin to complete this song?
If you know it, your expression must be wonderful, right?
But not necessarily.
At first everyone couldn’t turn their heads.
But after thinking about it carefully, some people speculated that the reason why Representative Lin was able to complete the order for this martial arts game so quickly was because he had accumulated unreleased works in the past.
Among the works he has accumulated, there is probably a song like “Jianghu Laughter”.
It just so happened that this song was in line with Party A’s requirements for the song.
So he didn’t create much. He just made some random modifications and completed such a song.
So what happened was a scene that seemed like a miracle in everyone’s eyes.
/It does sound like a coincidence.
But compared to Representative Lin who wrote a song like “Jianghu Laughter” in such a short period of time, everyone still thinks this guess is more reasonable.
How can normal people write songs so quickly?
Of course, no one would ask Representative Lin for the specific reasons.
Lin Yuan is obviously a person who is not easy to mess with. He just has these four words written on his face:
I’m very cold.
So without knowing each other very well, we didn’t have much courage to come forward and talk, especially since the other person was so young and already ace in the field of composition.
Everyone thought about yesterday, when Gu Dong asked Representative Lin in the group what style of music he was good at, and Representative Lin actually replied:
Thinking about it today, everyone still thinks that scene was a bit weird.
What is expensive?
Are you only good at expensive ones?
Xiaogudong is obviously asking about style, why are you thinking about price?
Is this the confidence of a boss?
Are you confident that you can handle any style?
Of course, no one would take it seriously.
There are so many styles of songs, how could anyone be proficient in them all?
All I can say is that Representative Lin is really arrogant, and he can be considered a bold artist.
But what everyone is afraid of is not Lin Yuan’s arrogance.
/What everyone is afraid of is that Lin Yuan is incapable.
Even if a capable person is arrogant in the company, everyone can accept it.
Let’s go get the order.
The composition department used to be a little hesitant about accepting orders because they were afraid they woul