This is the heart of Ann fans.

However, when all netizens saw this post, their eyes were unanimously fixed on the last three words of the novel’s title:
Chu Kuang also wants to write about robots! ?
No need for too much explanation. As soon as the title “I, Robot” came out, the theme of Chu Kuang’s new book was already obvious!
Chu Kuang’s new book will also be about robots!
this moment.
The entire network was completely shocked by Chu Kuang’s needle-pointed hand against Maimang!
Blog comment section.
Fans of Chu Kuang left crazy messages under this sudden update:
“Old thief is awesome!!!”
“Let me translate for the old thief: isn’t it just a robot? Who can’t write?”
“Your translation is not domineering enough. The accurate translation should be: I will teach you how to write robots!”
“Did those gangsters before say that the old thief was a coward?”
/“Haha, is this cowardice?”
“What’s wrong with the old thief who just confronted you today!”
“This is the style of an old thief. What does it mean to be arrogant and conceited? I will write about whatever subject matter you write about!”
“You decide the theme!”
“The old thief doesn’t need an oar when rowing a boat, but all the fighting in the eight continents depends on the waves!”
“Is it possible, I mean possible, that the old thief saw that we were a little timid and came out to cheer us up?”
“Huh, does this old thief have such a gentle side?”
“I don’t believe it, but now I feel that my whole body is filled with the desire to fight, and my sword is already so thirsty!”
Same theme, same theme pk!
Only Chu Kuang dares to be so crazy in Blue Star!
This post is like a war song that makes the blood boil. The morale of countless fans is instantly boosted, and each one screams like a chicken blood, highlighting one who is fearless!
Blue Star Science Fiction Writers Circle.
No one expected that Chu Kuang’s new book would be about robots!
“How dare he!”
“Is this a coincidence?”
“There are so many themes that can be written about in science fiction, and the probability of using robots as the theme is not high. However, it was not long after Fan Chong previewed the theme of his new book that he announced that his new book will also be about robots. You tell me this is a coincidence. , isn’t it an insult to my intelligence?”
“Ten thousand steps back.”
“Why didn’t he write about robots before?”
“If you don’t write about robots sooner or later, you choose to write it when Fan Chong wants to write about robots. If this wasn’t intentional, I would take your last name!”
“This guy is crazy!”
“Where does he have the courage and confidence? Robots are Fan Chong’s favorite subject. Not many people in Blue Star dare to say that they are more powerful than Fan Chong in this subject!”
“Crazy, so crazy!”
“The name Chu Kuang is so damn right!”
“Directly challenging the science fiction theme that Fan Chong is best at, how is this different from hitting an egg against a stone? He has blocked his own escape!”