as a little surprised. Her physical attributes reached 19 points!

Judging from the degree of improvement in its attributes, I’m afraid it won’t be long before its biological level can be upgraded to two-star ordinary.
Of course, Yang Tingting only has high physical attributes, but her combat effectiveness is not very good. Her strength is only 11 points, and her agility is slightly higher at 13 points.
/Compared to Yang Tingting, Yang Feifei’s attribute improvements are more reasonable, with agility being the highest, followed by strength and physique, and a lot of perception added.
There is no doubt that Cheng Dalong is the most powerful among the three, but given time, Wei Xiaobei is more optimistic about Yang Tingting and Yang Feifei.
As Yang Tingting woke up, Yang Feifei also woke up soon after. The Yang siblings looked at Wei Xiaobei with complicated expressions.
To say that before this, when they were forced to fight with those zombies, they hated Wei Xiaobei to death.
Well, whoever it was, who was forced to fight zombies by Wei Xiaobei, would not have a favorable impression of him, even if he had saved his life before.
But now, the Yang siblings no longer hate Wei Xiaobei, but they feel a little uncomfortable.
Such complicated emotions made both of them stunned, not knowing how to talk to Wei Xiaobei.
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but shook his head slightly. This is the so-called human nature.
From Mencius’s belief that human nature is inherently good to Xunzi’s belief that human nature is inherently evil, China’s Confucian sages continued to explore the origin of this human nature.
The opening chapter of Zhongyong says: Destiny is called nature, spontaneity is called Dao, and cultivating the Dao is called teaching!
This sentence profoundly analyzes the complexity of human nature.
It would be too biased to simply talk about the good and evil of human nature.
Well, actually Wei Xiaobei doesn’t think he is a bad person, but he is not a good person either.
From a starting point, Wei Xiaobei treats them as experimental subjects, which seems to be a bit evil.
But judging from the results, their strength has improved, and the benefits they have gained in the gray world and even in reality are self-evident. In this regard, they should be biased towards good.
But the behavior of the Yang siblings seems to be a bit repaying kindness with enmity? Or something else?
Well, Wei Xiaobei went through what happened to him and the Yang siblings in his mind, analyzed it for himself, and seemed to have some insights.
But at this moment, the snoring Cheng Dalong woke up.
After Cheng Dalong went through this training, he felt a little different from before.
After he regained consciousness, when he saw Wei Xiaobei, he actually smiled and said hello.
There is no doubt that Hai Mu’s strength confirms Wei Xiaobei’s strength from another angle.
And for a guy like Cheng Dalong, thinking about his previous experience of offending Wei Xiaobei now, it was undoubtedly stupid.
Just think about it and you will know that t