r eyes were dark and empty, and she seemed to be still under the control of the Samsara Heart Lord. Her will merged into the sea, attracting hundreds of earth dragons, and her move was a powerful fist seal that overwhelmed the world.

Endless oppression came, and Lu Bei had nowhere to hide. After switching to the little white-faced body, he defended himself with the Purple Sky Tower above his head, crossed his fingers in front of him, causing the heaven and earth to shake and become chaotic.
The moment the dragons fell down, they transformed into golden light and slashed sharply in their hands.
Dragon slaying!
Blue dragon heads fell into the sea one after another, forcing Ao Yi to withdraw from the state of unity between heaven and man.
When he got up from the fight, the knife went straight towards Ao Yi’s slender neck.
Ao Yi is also a dragon. With the Dragon Slaying Technique, it should be okay to cut with a sword, right?
Cut first and then talk.
The bright sword light struck, the immortal sword intention was mixed with Taoist rhyme, and the sharp edge was so powerful that it cut a blood mark on Ao Yi’s cheek before he could kill him.
She regarded it as nothing, her empty eyes suddenly turned, and she stared blankly at the Zixiao Tower standing above Lu Bei’s head.
“Tian Yin”
When the hand passes, the ink hair flutters and the head rises.
[You defeated Ao Yi and gained 800 million experience. It was determined that the level difference between your opponent was greater than level 20, and you were rewarded with 800 million experience]
[You defeated Laojun Creation and gained 300 million experience points. It was determined that the level difference between your opponent was greater than level 20, and you were rewarded with 300 million experience points]
[Side mission: Dominate (2/5), defeat/kill everyone in Xianfu Continent
/ice fields.
The cold wind howled.
Ao Yi and Lao Jun Zai Xuan were lying side by side. Although they were not a family, they were quite neat at the moment.
Lu Bei did not kill the two of them after all. In addition to Ao Yi’s words, “In the troubled times of the devil, all living beings suffer,” because he could not help himself after the Tao was over, there was also the fact that the female dragon broke free from the control of the devil and was willing to lead her neck to death.
Of course, sustainable utilization of resources is also one of the reasons why he does not exhaust his efforts.
Mahayana monks are not easy to find.
In Jiuzhou Continent, every Mahayana monk has a distinguished life experience, and a group of juniors will appear after each one. Although the more of them, the better, but the Tianjian Sect has a bad appetite. If he eats it in one bite, he will most likely die from starvation.
It’s different in the Xianfu Continent. Regardless of the sea of ??mist, he can come and leave whenever he wants, and he won’t be afraid of the younger ones going out to tell the truth even if they beat the old ones.
In this way, Sect Master Lu can stand firm with his rep