ose two. My family may be dissatisfied after my friend gets into Zhongkong.

ose two. My family may be dissatisfied after my friend gets into Zhongkong.
/“I’ll keep my dissatisfaction with me!” Zhao Song didn’t care. “Why don’t you just follow the route I told you and apply honestly if you want to get into Zhongkong?” At a certain height, I won’t be stingy about the shares, otherwise, I will be kept by the family trust.”
Er Mao glanced at Zhao Song through the rearview mirror and said seemingly unintentionally: “Someone in the family asked why the trust fund was placed. Domestically, it is better to get US dollars than RMB.”
“Then don’t ask for anything and go abroad to earn money~” Zhao Song sneered at the younger generation, “I stress again, it’s okay for family members to study abroad and settle abroad. Then find a foreigner and give me a bastard, don’t blame me for not recognizing him!”
Upon hearing this, Er Mao immediately looked at the closed car window worriedly, and then said with a bitter smile: “Brother, if this word gets out, it will be terrible! The matter is serious.”
Zhao Song ignored him, closed his eyes and murmured: “The trust fund is to provide living security for all my blood relatives. It is not the reason for them to commit crimes and commit crimes. Also, if the nationality is changed, If you don’t, the blood relationship will be broken!”
“I will make it clear to everyone,” Er Mao said in a low voice, shrinking his neck.
Glancing at Er Mao again, Zhao Song felt relieved and leaned back in his seat tiredly: “It’s been a very tiring day!”
“Brother, you haven’t done any physical work either.”
“I’m tired! I want to relax, I want to Health care!”
Er Mao understood: “I still have the club phone number that Brother Chen Ning gave me. Do you want to make an appointment?”
Zhao Song glared and said, “Can you believe it, as soon as I entered the gate of that shabby place, the whole capital was there? Do you know what prostitution means? That is the experience accumulated by our ancestors over thousands of years.
“Brother, don’t you talk about health care?”
Zhao Song thought for a while and ordered. “Go back to the city!”
“Xiaohe Village?”
“That’s home, do you think I’m stupid?” Zhao Song roared, “Take Jingcheng and go up the East Fourth Ring Road, exit from Yaowa Lake Bridge and head east to the construction road!”
Behind ! The two unfamiliar place names made Er Mao confused for a moment, and muttered: “That’s far enough.”
“Brother Li in Xiaohe Village opened a foot massage branch there,” Zhao Song explained while taking out his mobile phone, “I asked He leaves a back door and frees up the most skilled technician!”
“Brother, you are not afraid of being recognized by the technician.”
/Song: “Brother, take a good look at my face. What do you see?”
Zhao He glanced at the rearview mirror and said against his will: “Handsome guy?”
Zhao Song rolled his eyes: “This is a public face. There is no luxury car or security secretary. In a foot massage shop that sells essential oils for only 38, who would have thought it was me.”
“38?” Ermao rolled his eye