ey than buying a house.

ey than buying a house.
Time is passing slowly, and many people are preparing for Tesla’s listing, but things have progressed to this point. In such a general environment, after they have made all the preparations they can, there is nothing left to do. .
Even Nancy, who almost considered Tesla her home, rarely appeared around Zhao Song during the period before its launch.
So Nancy ordered her Fortune magazine to report various situations to her.
Nancy has also become one of the most powerful women in Hollywood.
As one of the contributors to Time Warner’s profitability, Soundfield Streaming Media’s interests converge with Nancy’s whether Tesla will go public smoothly.
So on the fifth day before the listing, Nancy appeared next to Zhao Song again and participated in a top leisure card game.
Nancy asked and looked at the two men on the left and right calmly.
Two men, one young and one old, one named Nicholas and the other named Bill Gates.
Nicholas, a young veteran of Landlords, had his face covered with notes. He could only see the cards in his hand clearly through the gaps in the notes and shaking his head.
“Pass.” He said dullly. He was a landlord, but he didn’t have the initiative.
/Nancy and Old Bill looked at each other and smiled:
“Steel wheel 5!”
Nancy revealed all the playing cards in her hand.
“Nancy, we are playing Landlords,” Zhao Song reluctantly threw down the cards in his hand while looking at the biggest straight flush, complaining, “We are not playing Texas Hold’em.”
Old Bill next to him laughed and said, “What if It’s Texas Hold’em, Zhao, you will lose faster.”
Zhao Song shrugged, accepted his bet, took out a few bills, paid for the afternoon tea, took out his checkbook and wrote down the number 10,000. Leave it to Bill Sr., a charity donation that was lost at the same time.
Holding one end of the check, Old Bill frowned and looked at Zhao Song.
Zhao Song pinched the other end with a smile and asked expectantly: “Bill, do you want to think about it again?”
Old Bill said dissatisfied: “Are you kidding? How can the Windos system have built-in clients from other companies, let alone us? But competitors.”
“Hey~ Bill, the built-in sound field will definitely promote the sales of the window system. Besides, when did we become competitors?”
Bill looked at the young man pretending to be stupid and laughed dumbly: “You think I don’t? Do you know what you are doing? The only super programmer in the flower garden is in your hands. Zhao, Netscape has learned from the past. I don’t want to create another behemoth that can threaten Microsoft.”
“Okay. ”
Zhao Song stood up helplessly, shook hands with him and said goodbye, “Thank you again for taking the time to come to the appointment. ”
“A very happy afternoon tea,” Old Bill patted Zhao Song on the shoulder, “I look forward to you very much. Invite me next time.”
After saying that, he left the reserved coffee shop accompanied by his assistant.
After sitting down again, Nancy shook her head and said,