und is unknown to everyone.

“Myron, I’m here!” David waved and said to the students around him: “My friend is here, let’s go first!”
No one stopped him, and all the students were shocked by Myron’s appearance.
They never figured out how David, who had no sense of existence at first, became friends with the largest second-generation official in Perrin City.
“Myron, why are you trying to find me!” David smiled and patted Myron, then looked him up and down and said, “You seem to be in good spirits. Don’t you mean you hate cultural classes? You’ve been taking the mental test all morning. So good!”
“He slept all morning!” The cold voice came from De Quincey who came over.
“De Quincey, I will be admitted to Naan University, but not with cultural scores but with physical skills!” Myron immediately retorted.
“David, how was your test?” DeQuincey asked David without returning to Myron.
“The quiz is not difficult at all, perfect scores in three subjects!” David said nonchalantly.
“Myron, I heard that you made a bet with David, and the bet was your car. It seems that you will no longer have a car to drive!” DeQuince said to Myron with a sneer.
“My car David can drive away at any time!” Myron said completely nonchalantly, completely forgetting that he had been begging for a long time to get the Gladstone Six.
Just as the three of them were talking and walking, a sharp alarm suddenly sounded.
“All teachers at school immediately organize students to enter shelters, repeat, all teachers at school immediately organize students to enter shelters!” Then amidst the piercing sirens, the school’s radio also rang, repeating over and over again.
“Students, enter the shelter quickly!” Teacher Henrietta, who had just left not far away, ran over quickly without any image at all and shouted loudly.
Since school had just ended, most of the students had just left the classroom and had not gone far. When they heard Teacher Henrietta’s voice, they all started running towards the shelter.
Not only Teacher Henrietta, but teachers from other classes also shouted loudly.
At this time, the sound of alarms, school announcements, teachers’ shouts, and students’ noises caused chaos throughout the school.
Fortunately, the school had always insisted on organizing self-rescue training, so although the scene was a bit chaotic, it acted quickly.
“Let’s go to the shelter too, something big has happened!” Myron said quickly when he opened his identity bracelet, but saw no corresponding message.
Normally, given his status, he should have received relevant news by now.
But he didn’t receive the message, which meant that even his father must have been busy and had no time to notify him.
De Quincey nodded, but he also did not receive the corresponding message.
However, David saw that his identity bracelet was flashing continuously. This kind of flashing usually only appeared when there was urgent news.
As he ran with his two friends, he checked his ID bracelet.
/“David Kerr, reserve combatant of the City Defense Brigade, immediately recruits y