ainted the image of her father in her heart over and over again, and then pushed this image away, and then painted it, and then pushed it away. She finally thought about it, but she only felt the pain of emptiness in her heart. The image was still empty and empty. She knew that it was not longing, but pure resentment that could no longer be pure. Thinking of his real biological mother, he remembered what his mother said to him before she died: “Your father is a very gentle and gentle person. You must not hate him.”

“You are so weak. You have deceived yourself by weaving a dream that you don’t believe in. Isn’t it like this? You can’t live, mother?”
He obviously never cared about you, but you still said so many words for him. Mother, yes, I will not hate him, I will definitely not hate him.” Two lines of pure tears flowed down, but they were as painful as a knife cutting through my heart.
“Ten days across the sky, all life will be extinguished!”
In the ancient plains, thousands of miles of red earth, with a roar, Zhang Wuji’s true energy exploded with all his strength, and he transformed into nine days, coupled with the great sun in the sky, and the ten-day cycle, running rampant across the world. Exposed to the blazing heat, rivers, lakes and seas dried up due to it; the earth and mountains were cracked due to it; all living things were annihilated due to it. A murderous intention as fierce as fire filled the world.
/Ten huge golden suns are moving in the sky. Even for the struggle of high-level monks, this scene is a bit too big. Even mortals on most of the planet are almost unaware of the ten-day volley at this moment, and no one is aware of it. An earth-shattering and fierce battle took place here.
/Zhu Peng’s clothes were in tatters and torn, but his expression remained calm and indifferent. His soul cultivation level was far inferior to that of many strong men in this way. It can only be said that with the support of Qi, blood and skills, he was stronger than the monks of the same level, but in the face of When it comes to cultivators of the same level who have powerful secret skills, it is not enough. But Zhu Peng has his own way to deal with it. His best magical power is “three-point return to the origin”. After practicing to the Buxu realm, Qi, blood, The three parts of his spirit returned to the original state, and when combined together, they formed a virtual fake elixir that looked like a golden elixir, which could once allow Zhu Peng to unleash the powerful combat power of the golden elixir realm.
Moreover, because of the flawless Hunyuan in Alchemy, Zhu Peng, who is in the three-point return state, is almost not afraid of any means of mental shock and soul secret techniques. It can be said that Zhu Peng’s mental consciousness may not be particularly strong, but his tenacity is. Very scary, especially in the three-point return state. Therefore, even if the furious Zhang Wuji explodes with a big move and displays the “Ten Sun Volley” Nine Suns secret skill, Zhu Peng can still remain unmoved by the alm