front. Since then, Li Xuan’s hundreds of years of hard work in Huashan have been in vain.

It’s just that Zhu Sansan’s ultimate goal of this siege was not achieved after all. Let alone capturing Li Xuan and expanding Wei Yue Buqun’s influence, she herself was almost killed by Li Xuan who suddenly broke out.
After the siege plan was exposed, Li Xuan did not even escape immediately. Instead, he chose to use all his strength to try to kill Zhu Sansan and the bloody Su Yu who appeared later. For seven or eight hundred miles, Li Xuan’s true energy was expelled with such ferocity that it was almost shocking. At least Zhu Sansan was sure that when Zhu Peng first entered the void, there was absolutely no such astonishingly powerful true energy. It could almost guarantee that the power of the twelve successes would be tens of thousands. The super-ratio output of the move.
Just being suppressed within Li Xuan’s Buxu aura, Blood Soul Ridge’s hugely expensive fortress warship was already suppressed to the point where its defensive shield was deformed. Later, Li Xuan held the sword in both hands and attacked with all his strength, and the overbearing and powerful sword light was terrifyingly real. Under Yuan’s urging, he forcibly turned into a long river of sword energy hanging upside down in the sky. All the monks in the field who were not as skilled as Li Xuan were all suppressed and beaten by him, without the ability to fight back.
/Using force to break the law, Li Xuan used his absolute strength to tell the world a truth: “The so-called strategy is ‘wisdom’ itself, which is far from being as mysterious as ordinary people imagine. It is just a method of doing things, and it is absolutely Compared with its strength, sometimes it seems very weak.”
If Li Xuan hadn’t had the idea of ??preserving his strength from the beginning, if he hadn’t been worried a lot at the foot of Huashan Mountain, if it hadn’t been for the fact that his own sword path was majestic and difficult to use when he was restrained, if it weren’t for
All in all, Zhu Sansan and his team were almost crushed and exploded by Li Xuan, who was fully armed, at the foot of Huashan Mountain. The hugely expensive fortress warship was almost turned into scrap metal. Fortunately, at the most critical moment, a fierce and sinister murderous aura suddenly rose from the south of the Huashan Sword Sect. The rising sword aura changed the color of the wind and clouds, and the sky and clouds in that place were even changed by the strong murderous sword. The air turned red and purple.
/Almost at the next moment, a blazing white dazzling sword light shot out from the highest peak of Huashan Mountain. It flashed thousands of miles like light and lightning. In an instant, it tore apart Li Xuan’s Buxu aura and hit him. Li Xuan Suddenly, a faint dark black hole appeared around his body. The flickering black light of electricity lingered between the black holes, and even produced a huge adsorption force to distort the space. He forcibly blocked the first force of the sword light, bu