to in the past.

Moreover, the Five Dragons Opening the Boundary is the fundamental principle of Huanghua Sect’s Taoism.
Among them, there is already the existence of the Tao of Sumeru, and, from the current point of view, under the premise that the Baihualou lineage has been sticking to the side of the remnants of the old cultivators for a long time, Huanghua Taoism is probably the best way for them to cross the void. s Choice.
“Monks from all realms, all follow the breath of the heaven and earth of their own realm, find the door, and return to their own heaven and earth. This formation will hang around for half a day, and we will not wait until it expires!”
The voice of the Qingyi Taoist arrived from the air. When he finished speaking, when he looked again, his figure had already disappeared into the Feng Sheng Golden Palace. Finally, the Feng Sheng Golden Palace disappeared into the distance.
From the beginning to the end, the old Taoist, whose Qi energy was gradually eliminated, could no longer react at all to the Taoist in Qingyi’s methods.
He sat on the green lion in a daze, letting his body transform into a “yin corpse” with every breath. Only the flames in the lamp still swallowed up the dim mist and became brighter.
/Gradually, for a fleeting moment, Chu Weiyang felt that the old man had completely transformed into a Yin corpse. It seemed that during this process, he turned his head towards Chu Weiyang.
He seemed to be looking at Chu Weiyang, but he didn’t seem to be.
“I have a life lamp, can you lend me a fire?”
It seems that when the old Taoist speaks, he is really just borrowing fire.
But the flames of fate were so fierce, how dare Chu Weiyang respond.
Seeing that Chu Weiyang didn’t respond at all, the old man didn’t ask any more questions.
Looking at each other in a slightly uneasy manner, the hollow eyes of the old man seemed to have a passage leading to a real ghost.
Finally, after looking at each other for a long time, without a sound, the green lion slowly turned around in the dim ocean, and soon it was carrying the old man, just like a ferocious beast coming, towards the dim world. Walking deep into the mist.
“Junior brother, what are your plans next?”
The thought of returning to the Three-Yuan Realm was suddenly erased from Chu Weiyang’s mind after only a moment.
The Tsing Yi Taoist from the Feng Sheng Golden Palace had already left such a talisman of the Xumi Dao in this boundless sea long ago without making anyone aware of it. Recall that Chu Weiyang had served as the emperor earlier. The Hua Daotong monk felt a vague sense of peeping on his body.
Obviously, by following the cultivators’ exploration into this sea area, in fact, it is Taoist Qingyi who is really hazy and hazy in this sea area with supreme charm, but his peek at the beginning seemed a bit obscure. They just follow the monks of the Imperial Tradition.
/But now, seeing that the search by the cultivators can no longer produce any results, Taoist Qing Yi showed some of his hidden methods without any scruples.