e power in the body.

When Zhu Peng’s Purple Soul Sky Eye has been strengthened to the third stage, with three purple souls in one eye and a total of six purple soul meteors, this terrifying true spirit bloodline will begin to strengthen Zhu Peng’s soul spirit, although not in essence. It is strengthened and thickened, but Zhu Peng is still satisfied with the amplification effect of the True Spirit Bloodline. If he insists on expressing it in a digital form, the order of passive strengthening of the Purple Soul Sky Eyes is: “The first stage of physical energy and blood strengthening +1 , the second stage of strengthening the true energy energy pulse by +2, and the third stage of strengthening the spiritual consciousness by +3.”
The effect of such a bloodline is so powerful that it can be called a deception. Every blood monk who has inspired the true spirit bloodline has almost completely different combat effectiveness before opening his eyes and after opening his eyes. However, this is also the case when Zhu Peng was independent in the past. One of the reasons why you can fight without opening your eyes.
Because of his bloodline and hard work, the young monks of the United Front successfully silenced the mouths of the older generation of United Front monks. The blood elites who were qualified to reprimand him for having activated the true spirit bloodline had no time to care about him on the battlefield, and perhaps because of their bloodline Or there is a united battle monk who has not been able to activate the Purple Soul Sky Eye due to his skill, but it is difficult to open his mouth to control him. After all, offending a young genius who is very likely to become his future boss just for a moment’s whim is really not what a monk with a normal mind should do.
However, Zhu Peng had no problem doing the things they couldn’t do. Although the description lasted for a long time, the time actually stopped until Zhu Peng tried his best to break through the body of the third giant earth-burrowing insect with one claw.
The moment the bloody young man with both talent and hard work spoke lightly, saying that he could do better if he had Zhu Peng’s secret martial arts, Zhu Peng stabbed the palm of his hand into the giant insect’s cavity and abdomen and suddenly Pulling outward, the blue fascia on the arm is densely undulating, symbolizing that this high priest with a gentle appearance has physical strength like a monster. The blood, muscles and even light bones are all pushed outward by Zhu Peng’s huge pull. Beng Yi, a bald-headed, rather majestic “red and green blood man” was forcefully pulled out by Zhu Peng’s claw into his abdomen.
/Grasping the neck and throat of the killing monk, Zhu Peng slapped him with two big mouths unceremoniously. “Papa” red and green juices splashed everywhere. The red was human blood and the green was giant insect bodily fluids. “Are you dead? If you are not dead, stand up for me.” The killing monk seemed to be in a daze and reluctantly opened his eyes, but before he could really wake up, Zh