the demon god who rushed out. The energy around him was similar to that of the demon god from outside the world. His whole body was filled with a terrifying and violent aura. It was like an evil god born in accordance with the laws of heaven and earth was finally born. The ominous demonic intention filled the sky. Turn into blood color.

But for Zhang Jian, this level of demonic true immortal is still too far behind.
In his eyes, this Demonic True Immortal is not even comparable to second-grade gods such as Qingxu Tianzun, let alone the powerful True Immortal from the Holy King family such as Ji Ke.
Zhang Jian raised his hand and made a stroke, as if a galaxy was drawn in front of the Wuxian Canyon, and the demonic immortal was drawn into it.
/The Demon-Slaying Lord said expressionlessly at this time.
“Didn’t you say you don’t want to know the names of these dying people?”
Zhang Jian glanced down: “He is a true immortal, an ancestor of the demonic path. Maybe he can find some treasures or secrets in his story?”
The Demon-Slaying Lord hummed softly.
“The Blood-Exhausted Demon God is not a treasure demon. This guy has repeatedly caused the Blood-Exhausted Demonic Disaster in the world of cultivation. He has opened the Shura Gate several times and attracted the Shura Demon God from outside the world. It was originally thought that he was killed by the Five Elements Immortal Sect thousands of years ago. Ancestor Deyang killed him, but he was still alive!”
Demon-Slayer True Monarch had a complicated look on his face, and he glanced below.
At this time, after this demonic true immortal fell into the galaxy, he was like a drowning “mortal” and could only flop around hard.
Obviously, in Zhang Jian’s hands, it can no longer hold up for long.
Zhang Jian nodded. Before he became enlightened, he seemed to have heard the sect’s elders mention this beast.
I never thought that it would fall into his hands today.
He looked deep into the lair of the Shura Demon Sect.
There is also a witch dressed in luxurious and exposed clothes who is dancing an ancient sacrificial dance. In front of her is an altar covered with countless magic patterns. On the altar stands a doll carved with countless magic patterns. The doll is covered with magic patterns all over its body. Countless curse marks.
It seems that this true demonic immortal is good at magician magic such as curses.
“Curse me? It’s worthy of a bastard!”
Zhang Jian’s eyes sneered. At this moment, he felt a wisp of invisible Qi begin to lock onto his body. At that moment, he directly condensed a piece of emperor’s authority with the status of a Shinto emperor, and followed this connection to counterattack.
The face of the dancing enchantress suddenly changed, and her figure was froze in the demonic aura. There was a trace of deep fear in the depths of her eyes.
At this moment, Grandma Red Snake felt a terrifying Shinto coercion sweeping over her, directly acting on the depths of her soul, shattering her soul. The shamanic form condensed by her soul only lasted for a mo