give up the search.

However, the Qingping Dragon Clan is still worried about this, so they can only restrain the clan members and not be left alone easily.
After Zhang Jian and Bai Liying returned to Dongzhou Fertile Land, they fell silently into the Haojing City Palace.
Bai Liying still returned to the West Palace to practice hard under the Taiyin tree.
During this trip to Qingpinghai, she awakened the bloodline of the Xuanming Dragon and Carp, condensed the body of the divine beast, and was about to undergo a period of hard training to fully master the inheritance of the divine beast.
It is conceivable that the next period of time will be her explosive period.
Zhang Jian, after integrating his own gains, first took out the three-light divine water from his body, poured one drop on the buried flat peach core, and the other drop on the tree stump obtained from Xiyue Cave. Try to see if you can make these two heaven and earth spiritual creatures take root and sprout.
There was only one drop of Sanguang Divine Water left, which he collected and kept for later use.
/Such precious treasures can be used to save lives at critical moments.
After being watered by the Sanguang Divine Water, the flat peaches obviously had a tendency to take root and sprout within a short period of time, and the vitality in the peach core seemed to be activated in an instant.
The other tree stump still looks like that, which can’t help but give rise to an illusion. Did I think wrongly that this weird tree stump has lost its vitality and cannot be restored?
However, Zhang Jian was certain that the tree stump was still alive.
But seeing that it still couldn’t take root and sprout, Zhang Jian couldn’t do it either, so he could only wait passively.
He would definitely not waste the last drop of the Three Light Divine Water like this again.
After processing three drops of Sanguang Divine Water, Zhang Jian once again held a grand ancestor worship ceremony.
In the Imperial Ancestral Temple.
Zhang Jian still brought Qi Yuhua, the crown prince Zhang Zhao, and the young Princess Nanyang with him to worship his ancestors this time.
In the temple, the young Princess Nanyang, who was less than Qi Yuhua’s waist and height, was holding Qi Yuhua’s hand tightly at this moment, looking curiously at this solemn and solemn temple with her black and white eyes.
In front of the temple, mountains of gold and silver ingots have been piled up.
This hill-like collection of gold and silver ingots can be said to be the culmination of many sacrifices to ancestors.
It even surpassed the time when the nation was founded to worship its ancestors.
But all kinds of gold and silver ingots were slowly burning in the big cauldron in the center, turning into blue smoke.
Zhang Jian watched as the hills of gold and silver ingots disappeared. The smile deep in his eyes became stronger and stronger, and this time it seemed to be more prosperous.
At this time, the gold and silver ingots that were like a small mountain, and a spiritual treasure gradually turned into