h level of the sky.”?

The water of the Milky Way in the void outside the domain was forcefully led down to the earthly stars by Zhong Zhen with his cultivation in the Buxu Realm. He only had to control it roughly, without any subtlety, and with a casual movement, a hole opened in the sky, and the Milky Way hung upside down and fell straight down, bombarding him. Blood Soul Ridge and Blood Soul City.
Back then, Zhu Peng built the Blood Soul City into an outer-ring fortress-type giant city in order to protect the Blood Soul Ridge. Blood Ridge will not face any threats, but no matter how sophisticated the design is, it cannot be said to have no flaws. When facing the Zerg and wild beasts who mainly rely on ground forces, this arrangement is of course 360 ??degrees and perfectly defended. Even the flying warships of the Gods cannot easily break through the nine-layer air defense system of Blood Soul.
/But Zhu Peng could never have imagined that before the great plane of immortality had fully arrived, monks who had reached the Buxu realm had already taken action against the Blood Soul Ridge, and those who had stepped into the Void captured the stars and the moon, hoping to attract some people from the outside world. The power stream bombards the earth and stars, and plays large-scale map cannon bombing. It is really easy, economical and affordable.
/Moreover, in the face of such an impactful energy flow, ordinary air defense arrangements were useless. The rolling upside-down Tianhe River ignored the bombing of the Shenhuang Cannon and the shooting of the God-breaking Bow and Crossbow, and directly bombarded ” The entire yellow and red energy shield on the large energy shield opened simultaneously by the Xitu Nine Palaces Formation and the Styx Blood Refining Formation became violently turbulent in an instant.
“Sir, the western formation plate of the Xitu Nine Palaces Formation has slight cracks and damage. The energy consumption rate of the Styx Blood Refining Formation has increased by 0.735 times. Due to the influence and pressure of the unidentified monk above, a large-scale attack has occurred in the Blood City. The situation of mortal riots and horrific deaths is very serious. The current casualty statistics are 37,561 people, and it is certain that this number is still expanding.”
Under the threat of life and death, the huge combat machine of Blood Soul Ridge was fully operational. It was not Zhu Peng’s political leadership ability that could really train everyone to the point of surrender, but the Blood Soul Ridge lineage. For dozens or even hundreds of years, they have survived a lot of blood and swords. Efficiency and ability have been integrated into the bones and blood of the blood tribe. In the case of Zhu Peng, first there was the battle between the monks in Qinwangling, and then It was the protracted doomsday catastrophe. After repeated tempering and polishing, even a pig, let alone Zhu Peng, became as strong as a wolf.
The same is true for other blood tribesmen. Although there are powerful enemies outs