em and seize it from them.”

“At that time, if you don’t have enough cultivation, you should stay away from these two sensitive points. Otherwise, it would be too worthless to rush in blindly, fail to reap the benefits, and throw your lives there. Comparing the two Next, on the contrary, the beauties of the Linghu Han family are not easily noticed and valued by high-level monks, and after this battle, the true spirit bloodline of the Linghu Han family is almost gone, if not completely extinct. Grab two , after raising it for two years, the value of the income will definitely increase several times. This is called a rare commodity, do you understand?”
“I understand, the monk must capture a few more beauties from the Han family and give them to the young master for you to enjoy and control.” Following the bald monk’s laughter, Zhu Peng waved his hands, and all the confidant monks around him suddenly transformed. After escaping, Zhu Sansan, wearing only a black robe and holding the Han family prisoner in her arms, was still standing behind Zhu Peng. She was Zhu Peng’s personal adjutant and had to follow Zhu Peng most of the time.
“The killing monk is only in his forties, but he already possesses the Qi Dao cultivation in the eighth level of Qi Refining. He can be said to be your first combat power. Although with his qualifications, there is not much hope of breaking through to the ninth level of Qi Refining in the future. But at such an age and with such cultivation, he can be considered an outstanding talent. However, he is really a bit arrogant and rude, otherwise he would not have been pushed to the fringes of the military, and he would not be recruited by the young master now. ”
Zhu Sansan stood beside Zhu Peng and spoke softly, seemingly intentionally or unintentionally, pointing out the value and cultivation of the monk who killed animals. Such hints slowly made Zhu Peng’s ugly face gradually improve. stand up.
Zhu Peng likes beautiful women, and his eyes are opened with purple soul eyes and pupils of desire. This is not a secret, it is almost everyone in Xueling Ridge knows it.
But this kind of thing can be spread, laughed at, and talked about in private, but it is never suitable to be said in person. What the monk said just now was unintentional, but it damaged the prestige of Zhu Peng’s team and made it difficult for those in power to step down. At that moment, even though Zhu Peng concealed it very well and quickly, there was still a hint of disgust and murderous intent that was caught by Zhu Sansan beside him.
Zhu Sansan practiced the evil skill “Yin Sha Jue”. Not only did she improve rapidly, but she was also sensitive to negative emotions such as murderous intent. Zhu Peng was also very good at using her ability to detect and fill in the gaps for herself, and even found people in the darkness. Hidden enemies.
/After taking a long breath, Zhu Peng turned around and nodded, indicating that Zhu Sansan had adjusted himself, “I only use the sword skills of the killing monk to be fierce and fearless of deat