possible, I don’t want to see you again in this life.”

The cuckoo cries blood and the apes in the canyon weep, but it is not until today that Zhu Peng knows that it is the fox’s sorrow that is the most heartbreaking and painful, going straight to the bone marrow. Birds of prey were flying around, and shadows were appearing in the blink of an eye. Just when he was in the saddest and most painful moment, Taoist Raptor suddenly used his strength to take action. However, due to his unparalleled speed and strength, the cascading silhouettes were covered with blood, water, flesh, and blood. From mid-air, he could see that… With the woman as the center, a dazzling but sad ‘peach blossom’ suddenly bloomed on the ground.
In just an instant, more than twenty monks from the two sects died under the claws of Taoist Raptor. The surrounding area was suddenly empty, but within a moment, they were blocked by the swarming monks from behind. The great magical powers condensed by the great monks at the ninth level of Qi Refining are indeed terrifying. It is not that Zhu Peng has never seen powerful high-level monks perform great magical powers. Zhu Peng has witnessed Su Wenshe’s Three Corpse Puppet Seal with his own eyes. Saw it.
/It’s just that that move is powerful, but not powerful enough. It has one main body and three sub-bodies. The puppet is indestructible and the main body is immortal. It seems to be extremely powerful, but in fact, the instantaneous killing power is seriously insufficient, and it cannot be used as a great magical power. Some have a strong deterrent effect.
However, the raptor Taoist’s raptor technique was obviously different. The moment he launched his move, it tore apart the sky and the universe. It was so powerful that it shocked people. Seeing the blood, flesh and blood all over the ground, Zhu Peng felt like his hair was sweating. Exploded, doubting whether he could escape with his life under the cover of this move. If he hadn’t dared to stay away from the mother and daughter, the actual lethality of the Raptor Taoist’s magical power would have been doubled. It could kill nearly fifty people in an instant, which was really powerful.
“Don’t be afraid, everyone, the great magical power is powerful, but can he keep using it? Kill a monk at the ninth level of Qi refining. Think about what kind of honors and rewards the sect will give us, enter.” This group of sects Among the older generation of monks, there are very few who are truly greedy for life and fearful of death. They are all murderous evil spirits crawling out of the mountains of corpses and seas of blood. After being slightly frightened by Raptor Taoist’s great magical power, they all immediately reacted. , one with red eyes and then culled.
On the other hand, Taoist Raptor, after he had just used his ultimate move, seemed to be a little weak in energy and blood, and his face was pale. It was obvious that he was wasting a lot of energy and it was difficult to hold on. This discovery made the monks of Hanshan Academy and Kuji Sword Gate beco