the end, Zhang Lisheng shrugged and said: “Tina, please don’t get excited and calm down. In fact, the problem is easy to solve.

the end, Zhang Lisheng shrugged and said: “Tina, please don’t get excited and calm down. In fact, the problem is easy to solve.
Now that Boston has been invaded by gods from another world, it has indeed become less safe. Since Harvard is going to be in ‘Noah’ The world’s branch is established. If you and Tracy continue your studies there, you won’t have to separate from Shelia.” ”
Things in Lisheng are not that simple. There is nothing in Noah’s World except deserts and oases. Harvard’s branch is still a mirage…”
Tracey’s words, her ambition is not to become a lie, well, I mean a politician dedicated to serving the general public, new immigrants, new beginnings, and there is Bi’no Where is the ‘practice’ of ‘better politics’ in the sub-world? ”
Oh, Li Sheng is right. Tina and Tracy, please go to ‘Noah’s World’ with me, so that we don’t have to be separated.” “Shelia shouted in surprise. This time she attracted dissatisfied looks from others.
Wait a minute, weren’t you criticizing Shelia’s selfishness? Why did it suddenly change to what happened before this dinner? I was enjoying the winter vacation with my boyfriend while waiting for the university to start; after dinner, I suddenly had to rush.” I went to the ‘other world’ to take care of my father’s business. This, such a change is too inexplicable,” Tina stammered, turning to look at her boyfriend, “Besides, if I went to the ‘Noah World’ It’s easy to see you, baby…”
“It’s okay Tina, didn’t I just tell you that my mother accepted the invitation and will immediately go to the ‘Noah World’ immigration oasis to serve as a primary school principal? I can fly there if I have time. Visiting you two there at once.
For me, both New Mexico and Boston are by plane, and the journey doesn’t take more than a few hours. ”
As soon as Zhang Lisheng finished speaking, Shelia took the opportunity to say again: “Did you hear what Li Sheng said? Dear Tina, are we young Americans still afraid of change?”
Tina was silent for a while with a gloomy face, ignoring Shelia, and His eyes turned to Tracey, “Dear sisters, what do you think?”
“Actually, if you weren’t all here, I wouldn’t want to stay at Harvard.” She was most devoted to the activities of the ‘Sorority’, and the tragedy at Harvard Stadium happened Tracey, who was the most seriously injured, took a few deep breaths and spoke.
“Oh, this is so great. We ‘Three Harvard Sisters’ can still and can continue to be together…” Shelia said with tears welling up in her eyes.
/“It’s not the ‘Three Sisters of Harvard’ but the ‘Two Sisters of Noah’. You are already out, Shelia, because you abandoned us first, without saying a word beforehand, and suddenly you were about to run away to a ‘different world’,” Ti Na angrily interrupted her close friend’s words and said loudly: “This is not what sisters should do.”
/Shelia looked aggrieved after hearing the girl’s accusation and whispered: “Tina, I’m sorry, this matter is mine.” No, but, but there is a reason, although the reason may sound ridiculous to you. But