h are full of turbid evil sedimentation, are suitable for use in the Taiyin Demon Sacred Heaven, and are blended with pure rocks. In the earth veins, under the planning of Chu Weiyang’s earth master’s background, the Feng Shui landform was reshaped.

And it is precisely because of this that Chu Weiyang easily used the Xuanhuang Baobao to peel off several layers of mountain rocks.
On one side are the traceless layers left in the rocks by the accumulation of years and years. It is precisely in accordance with the unfolding of this sense of layering that it seems like the peeling off of several layers of rocks like annual rings. It did not cause the other rocks to collapse because of it. On the contrary, they followed the mellowness of the lines and then supported the “dome” of the rock.
As a result, the cavity in the rock that was hollowed out by Chu Weiyang was easily revealed.
In the hollow that was wide enough for Chu Weiyang, looking from the other side, the same undulating outline of the rocks was anchored by Chu Weiyang following the trembling of the gray mirror, and It was able to achieve millimeter accuracy when peeling off the rock.
And it is precisely because of this accuracy that Chu Weiyang can be taught to truly see the truth of the “gray jade vein”, see the truth under the layers of thick rocks, and see that Chu Weiyang followed the past. The world has changed greatly in the past year, and under the realm gate, tracing back the time and ancient history, the most insightful
Perhaps it cannot be said to be the end of ancient history, but it can be said to be a very clear node that anchors the ancient history.
/At this moment, when Chu Weiyang stood suspended in the cave he had hollowed out, and then looked at the appearance in his field of vision revealed by the peeling off of the rock layers.
As far as the eye can see, it is because Chu Weiyang peeled it off very carefully, and the originally dark-colored rock gradually revealed a bit of gray and jade color in the process, under the cave. Among them, a long and narrow dragon body appeared in continuous ups and downs, and then in the state of looping from head to tail, it condensed into a vein of gray jade with a tight breath all over the body.
It is a jade mine, but Chu Weiyang can feel that in the past, it was the remains of the majestic true dragon demon body that sat here and was transformed into it, and then, under the refinement of the years, it condensed into Gray jade veins.
And at this moment, perhaps it is precisely because there is no isolation of the mountain rock that the trembling is far more intense than before, but it is never as violent as when standing in the jade mine. It is somewhere in between. , on the gray rolling dragon body that resembles mountains, intertwined and resonated with the gray mirror again.
And at this moment, in the resonance, some kind of trembling charm of Tao and Dharma became increasingly clear.
That is the interweaving and resonance that originates from the bloodline level, and the interweaving and resona