e saints, finally successfully approached the extraordinary center, set foot on the mainland, and officially returned.

In fact, he was not the only one, a few of the saints also followed the secret on their way home.
Two years later, the Extraordinary Center was shaken again!
Wang Xuan opened his eyes suddenly in the sea of ????stars in the present world, and his six realms were fully opened. He heard the loud sound of the iron chains colliding again, which made his expression suddenly change.
Not only that that day, the sound of footsteps actually came from the end of the deep space. At this time, not only he, who had 6-level perception, but all 5-level people, as well as strangers and true saints, heard it clearly.
/The sound of footsteps was extremely terrifying, like stepping on everyone’s heart, with an indescribable sense of depression, dull, extremely terrifying, and even extremely terrifying.
It was as if a huge creature was approaching from afar unswervingly.
/Even the moment the footsteps sounded, the huge sound of the iron chains hitting Wang Xuan’s ears suddenly disappeared.
At the end of the deep sky, the saints saw that the big pale hand stopped moving and gradually disappeared into the fog!
All 5 Breakers, as well as strangers and true saints, all heard the heavy footsteps. Some of them were watching the night scene in the neon-lit city, and some were practicing in the fairy mountains with hanging divine waterfalls. At this time, they all stopped all activities in shock, looking nearby and then into the distance, with chills standing on end.
Who is this, where is it, why does the sound of its footsteps seem to ring in their own hearts, approaching with the light of their souls, when will it appear in front of them?
This group of people represents the future of the extraordinary world. Either they have great potential, or they are already powerful enough. But now they couldn’t find the source of the footsteps. Looking around, they saw that on some planets the night was soft, and in some areas the sun was shining brightly, the wind was gentle, and there were no dangerous creatures approaching at all.
“Maverick, I’m a bit smart. Is this bull-headed horse-faced guy going to come out of the dead and want to enter the real world?” In the Demon Court, a layer of cowhide appeared on the cow cloth.
He thought for a while, could it be the giant green bull mentioned by Boss Wang calling him? He couldn’t help shouting in his heart: “Niu Ancestor, is that you?”
Then, he felt that the footsteps seemed to be closer to him. In an instant, his hair stood on end and he was frightened. As a 5-year-old, especially the creatures who had been combed by Wang Xuan’s imperial pattern, his perception was very keen.
He felt that he needed to hide, otherwise something might happen. However, the footsteps kept coming towards him, as if there was a layer of fog surging in the unknown deep space, approaching the real world.
“I might die?” Niubu realized the essential problem. Suddenly, he became anxious and roared: “Do