ughter immediately turned into cheers!

“Sure enough, there is a new song!”
The continuous screaming made Zhou Meng’s voice become hoarse, but his excitement was not compromised at all:
“I just said, how could someone with such creative energy not prepare one or two new songs for a concert!”
/before the concert starts.
Many people speculated that Xianyu might prepare some new songs for everyone to listen to.
Although the previous Qi language version of “Exaggerated” was a surprise, it was not a new song in the strict sense.
After all, the melody of the Qi version and the Mandarin version are similar, but there are differences in the arrangement.
The next song should be a real new song!
“What song will it be this time?”
Zhou Meng’s boyfriend Wang Yu looked forward to it.
All viewers are looking forward to it.
And in front of everyone’s expectant gaze, a string of information suddenly appeared on the big screen:
“Song title: “lemon””
“Lyrics: Xianyu”
“Composer: Xianyu”
“Singing: Xianyu”
Seeing this song title, the Korean audience almost jumped out of their seats!
“It’s an English song!”
“Another English song!”
“Father Fish is mighty!”
“I didn’t expect that Fish Daddy would write a new song in English!”
“You take great care of our Korean fans!”
“Fish daddy is so warm!”
“He must be compensating us Koreans!”
“After all, our Korean music group was severely trained by Yu Daddy before.”
“Hahahaha, it doesn’t matter what kind of military training you have, as long as Dad Yu is willing to continue releasing good English songs!”
“This song is called “lemon”, which translates to lemon. Are you sure Fish Daddy didn’t mean it?”
“Chu people are really going to die of pain now!”
Koreans are going crazy!
Because the song title is in English, everyone instinctively thinks that this is another English song.
Wang Yu raised her head and said, “I envy the Koreans so much!”
Wang Yu is from Chu. When the Korean audience just called Xianyu, hoping that the other party could compose a song in Chu language, Wang Yu also joined in.
“Didn’t Father Yu promise you Chu people that he would compose Chu language songs in the future?”
His girlfriend Zhou Meng comforted him.
Wang Yu grimaced: “That’s what I say, but I still want to hear Father Fish singing our Chu language songs at the concert.”
“Fish daddy is not omnipotent.”
Zhou Meng said with a smile: “You have to give Fish Daddy some time to learn your Chuzhou language.”
Wang Yu:
I understand the logic, but why is this song called “lemon”?
Wang Yu knows some simple English words and knows that “lemon” means “lemon”.
It’s already sour enough.
Is this telling us Chu people to be obedient and continue to drink lemons?
Isn’t the Chu people in this scene sour enough?
Wang Yu and Zhou Meng are in love across continents.
Zhou Meng is from Qi and will not understand Wang Yu’s mood.
In fact, Wang Yu’s mood was also the mood of other Chuzhou viewers.
Seeing Xianyu singing several songs in Qi language in succession, a