Now, just turn on the Internet, and major forums are discussing the adrenaline-fueled performances in this concert!

What I want to share with you now is the ranking of this season!
Seeing this, the audience who has watched Xianyu’s concert will definitely laugh tacitly.
Isn’t this piano piece called “For Alice” the closing performance of Xianyu’s concert?
Don’t worry.
On the season charts this May, more than one song, “For Alice,” was a Xianyu concert song.
Let’s continue looking down the rankings:
Don’t doubt your eyes, you saw it right!
Six of the top ten works on the May season list are from Xianyu Concert!
After Blue Star started the merger wave, it was the first time that someone single-handedly occupied six of the top ten spots in the season rankings!
The last time a songwriter monopolized the season charts happened seven years ago
At that time, Blue Star had not yet begun the process of merging.
If the season rankings can be compared to a battlefield, then Xianyu staged the most brutal and inhumane massacre in May this year!
Just today.
He gave the entire music world ichnophobia!
/Some people may say that Xianyu was able to occupy six yuan in the season rankings because of the popularity of the concert, but no one can deny that the achievement of this achievement is historic for Xianyu and even the entire music industry!
The storm is finally coming!
The season rankings are out!
Xianyu alone occupies six seats in the top ten!
May season standings.
All musicians are desperate.
Sure enough.
There is no suspense.
There is no inversion.
For the first time since Xianyu’s debut, he has achieved real ranking success!
He monopolized six of the top ten!
For the music industry, the season list is like a monthly limited supply of cake.
Someone cut it into ten pieces of different sizes.
Usually everyone gets the cake equally.
Even if you can’t get a big piece, you can still smear some cream on the corners of your mouth.
But this month, Xianyu was like a glutton, and one person ate six portions!
There is less than half left for everyone!
Aren’t you afraid of dying?
Of course I’m not afraid of dying.
Because this time it’s the Fish Dynasty’s full army attack!
In fact.
It’s not just an “entertainment event”.
this day.
Almost all major entertainment programs are talking about season rankings:
“Xianyu did not choose to sing the officially released versions of these songs by himself, because Xianyu does not need these. The career bonus that singing the songs brings to him is negligible. His current focus is to cultivate the singers of Yu Dynasty to grow rapidly. , and Jiang Kui, who won the song “Lemon”, has taken a step closer to her goal of becoming a diva because of her outstanding performance!”
“Sun Yaohuo’s popularity soared again after he received the Qi language version of “Pompous”, and he is steadily heading towards the singing king. If Sun Yaohuo and Jiang Kui win the thrones of singing king and singing queen respectively, Xianyu will undoubtedly become the youn