pornographic!” An Nuan took two steps back with a blushing face.

“We are boyfriend and girlfriend. If I don’t do porn to you, doesn’t it mean you don’t have feminine charm? Then you will think about other things.” Liu Changan looked at his palm and said with unfinished content: “Come here, let me pat you again.” ,Obedient!”
“No!” An Nuan pointed at Qin Yanan, funny and angry, “Can you separate the occasion? Teacher Qin is still fainting!”
“Oh, it’s nothing actually. It turns out that I,” Liu Changan stopped in time, “I didn’t do anything excessive. In comparison, I just came out of the bath with a towel tied all over my body. Of course I was ready to make a move. Do you mean, you can be flirty, but I can’t?”
“Who are you calling coquettish!” An Nuan’s cheeks turned red. As a pure girl, how could she accept such a description? Even if she was called Mensao, she was not willing to accept it, let alone such an arrogant insult from Ming Sao.
“Liu Chang’an, wait until I get dressed before settling the score with you!” An Nuan was furious. He instinctively wanted to hug Liu Changan and put him down on the ground. But now that he didn’t even have a pair of underwear, An Nuan gave up rationally. I thought of settling the score with him immediately, so I ran to get dressed first.
Liu Changan couldn’t help but smile when he saw her holding the hem of the bath towel and running out with her two extra slender legs.
/This was the time when she was most exposed in front of him. The hem of the towel just pressed against her hip line, and the girl’s beautiful legs were fully exposed.
Really long.
Liu Changan turned around, lifted the band-aid on Qin Yanan’s arm and looked at it. The scar had disappeared, so Liu Changan pressed the band-aid carefully and put it on again.
If your skin is good, it’s good, and the Band-Aid will stay strong even if you put it on again.
“Hey, how long will you continue to faint?” Liu Changan asked.
/Qin Yanan didn’t answer him. She was in a daze.
“You must have been awake when I put you on the bed to check.” Liu Changan took the time to help her pull the towel to cover her legs. Fortunately, the towel was big enough to be used as a blanket.
When Liu Changan carried her and put her on the bed, her legs were spread a little apart, but now they were tightly together, obviously not wanting to be exposed when only a bath towel covered her body.
Qin Yanan remained silent, which was really embarrassing, especially when this happened to her in front of An Nuan.
“Your chest is leaking air!”
Such words made Qin Yanan feel ashamed. It was originally his strongest capital, and it was originally intended to reduce dimensionality and attack Annuan. This is like the newly built dam in the South Asian Empire claiming to surpass the Three Gorges, but it was immediately flooded. It was as tragic as a crash.
The most important point is that her figure has shrunk and was seen by Liu Changan. If you can’t understand it, think about it in another person’s shoes. If a man feels like this, that’s probab