he must want to take advantage of the process of sacrifice and refining. Leave a flaw in the Dao Treasure Box!”

Patriarch Hongshan said: “One mouse excrement spoils a pot of soup! I will drive him away.”
He stood up, came to Xu Ying, and said with a smile: “Fellow Daoist Xu, the treasure box of the Dao is very important. It must be refined by the existence of the Yuanshi Dao realm. You are not yet in the Yuanshi Dao realm. If you try hard, I’m afraid it will be damaged.” The power of the treasure box. No one can bear the punishment of the Tao Emperor. Fellow Taoist, please step back.”
Xu Ying stood up after hearing this and said reluctantly: “I am also very good at refining treasures.”
Patriarch Hongshan said with a smile: “This is natural. However, this treasure was ordered by the Tao Emperor. There is no room for loss. I also ask fellow Taoists to move it.”
Xu Ying had no choice but to withdraw from the treasure refining queue and stand outside to watch everyone refining the treasure.
The Taoist concepts contained in the Dao Treasure Box are so high that not even the Great Heavenly Lord Xuanyuan can understand them, and Xu Ying naturally can’t understand them either.
However, what he saw was the means of refining treasures in the Yuanshi Dao Realm. From the Taoist magical powers mobilized when refining treasures in the Yuanshi Dao realm, he could deduce the avenue of cultivation and comprehend many mysteries.
Dazhong and Lingqueqiao are also paying attention to this treasure refining. They are also looking at the techniques of Yuanshi Dao realm treasure refining. They feel that if these techniques are imprinted on their bodies, they will definitely feel indescribably comfortable.
At this time, Xu Ying’s body swayed slightly, and thousands of Xu Ying came out of his body, imitating the Taoist magical powers used by these Yuanshi Dao realms when refining treasures.
The big bell and Linggu Bridge also swayed slightly, and thousands of big bells and wooden bridges appeared. Xu Ying imprinted the Taoist and magical powers he had seen and understood on them one by one.
Although he did not participate in refining the Dao Treasure Box, he stole a lot of lessons from these Yuanshi Dao realms.
The big clock and Linggu Bridge felt extremely comfortable, and secretly cheered in their hearts.
/Xu Ying studied everyone’s Taoism while worshiping the big bell and Linggu Bridge, thinking: “Xuanhuang Tianzun said the four certificates, and there are magic weapons in them. If I can elevate Master Zhong to the Yuanshi Taoist realm, I will have one more The proof is closer to the day after tomorrow than the day after tomorrow.”
Although he has already realized the end of the acquired path, the next step is to acquire the innate knowledge, but this step is really difficult to overcome.
Although Yuan Shi who was present knew that Xu Ying wanted to steal the master, he did not expect that he would steal the master so openly and openly, and actually release countless of himself to stare at them and study their Taoism, and the