rld, and being happy and carefree in their respective hidden places. The old fairy.

But in fact, they were unfortunate in their later years, and died one by one in their own hidden scene, with their flesh, blood, and bones swallowed, leaving only their skins.
Now, these skin bags flew out of the Pei family’s restricted area and appeared on the official post road.
Although they are only skinned, they still have the magnanimity and temperament of Nuo immortals, especially the aura of establishing their hearts for heaven and earth, which shakes the atmosphere of the divine capital!
This momentum immediately attracted the attention of Jin Wuwei and others, and they all looked this way.
One after another, the Nuo Immortals of the Pei family flew in to guard the left and right side of the chariot. Gradually, the number of Nuo Immortals around the chariot grew to hundreds!
“Although it’s not far to go to Guo Mansion, it may be dangerous.”
Pei Du looked calm and said, “It is difficult for me to resist the siege of other noble families, so I will not give them any chance. As the head of the family, I am qualified to mobilize the remaining spirits of my ancestors.”
Xu Ying looked at the upright figures outside and was deeply shocked. This was an ancient family with a history of more than two thousand years. When the details were revealed, the whole world would be shocked!
There are more than a hundred Nuo immortals. Although they are dead, they are still floating in the air in the hidden scene, suppressing all the evil spirits.
/The body dies and the soul perishes, but the Tao Qi remains forever!
Xu Ying retracted his gaze from the window and said to Pei Du, “Thank you very much.”
Pei Du smiled slightly and said: “There is no need to thank me. The disaster was caused by the lax discipline of my Pei family. If you do something wrong, you must take responsibility. I can only escort you all the way. Can I save your life? Look at the Guo family. This time, I’m afraid the Guo family will be hurt.”
More than a hundred Nuo immortals escorted them, which shocked the entire divine city. Even if the emperor went on a tour, he would not have such a huge undertaking!
/People have speculated about who the big shot is in the car, but who would have thought that the man in the car is just a snake catcher from the countryside of Lingling?
However, some people guessed who was in the car, but the Pei family’s momentum was too great, and even the Nuo Immortal who was rumored to be reclusive and escaping from the world was dispatched. Naturally, no one dared to take action.
Finally, the chariot arrived at the Guo Mansion under the protection of more than a hundred Nuo immortals. The Guo Mansion had already received the news and had already opened the door. Pei Du did not get out of the car and drove directly into the mansion. The car drove into the backyard of Guo’s mansion and then stopped.
The white-haired ancestor of the Guo family drove everyone away. Even Guo Xiaodie and the one-armed Guo Yue who came to join in the fun were k