casually, and the master-level ‘alchemy pattern’ in his body flashed, and the defense on the door The pattern is cracked.

Entering the warehouse, there are two patterned magic circles arranged inside, each with an egg in the middle.
/David was attracted to this patterned array when he saw it, because this patterned array is a ‘life-sustaining array’, which is designed to provide life-sustaining effects for special bird eggs.
Some of the flying mounts of the fourth-level sky knights will come from the descendants of the family’s flying mounts.
But the family flying mount itself is already an extraordinary creature, and it is also a very high-level extraordinary creature.
The more powerful the creature, the harder it is for its offspring to be born, so the probability of a flying mount giving birth to offspring is very low.
/Even if there is a flying mount that gives birth to offspring, it will be difficult to identify the owner before the eggs are hatched, because no one can predict the time for the promotion of the fourth-level sky knight.
Normally, eggs have a hatching time. If they do not hatch within a certain period of time, the eggs will become dead eggs and have no value anymore.
The ‘Life-Sustaining Array’ was developed under this situation. The ‘Life-Sustaining Array’ converts krypton crystal energy into special energy that can be absorbed by eggs, thereby extending the egg’s incubation time.
However, the alchemy materials needed to set up the ‘Life-Sustaining Array’ were extremely precious, and David had only seen them in the inheritance illusion of the ‘Knowledge Light Ball’.
David would not think that the flying mount eggs that could be saved using the ‘Life-Sustaining Array’ were ordinary flying mount eggs. It was very easy for big nobles like the Dennis family to buy flying mounts.
After all, the divine world is extremely vast. Although the probability of a flying mount producing offspring is low, if placed in the entire divine world, the number of flying mount eggs is not large, at least enough to supply the consumption of a fourth-level sky knight.
David’s mind swept over two flying mount eggs, one large and one small.
He looked at the smaller flying mount egg. Although it was small, this flying mount egg was actually about the same size as the flying mount eggs in his impression. It was just smaller than the other flying mount egg.
Since David was planning to buy a flying mount, he had studied the relevant knowledge of flying mounts. In particular, the ‘Spaceship’ study room given to him by Lord Gould contained detailed books on flying mounts.
Flying mounts cannot be used with ordinary flying bird eggs. Instead, flying bird eggs with extraordinary bloodline can be called flying mount eggs. Only extraordinary flying birds have a certain chance of laying such flying mount eggs in the wild. , the eggs produced by flying mounts transformed by the power of blood are 100% flying mount eggs that can be used by level four sky knights.
David looked at the small flying mount egg and judged from i