be quickly approached by the ‘Shadow Pterodactyl’.

Each time, he used his space ability to constantly appear from one place to another. David felt that he would soon be able to catch up with the fifth-level Bishop Gershwin.
The fifth-level Bishop Gershwin was just the opposite. He felt more and more strenuous. Every time David appeared, the sword that struck him became more and more threatening to him.
/This time, the fifth-level Bishop Gershwin looked at the fifth-level Templar energy clones chasing him from a distance. Only nine energy clones were fast enough to follow. The remaining twelve fifth-level Templars All gone.
“Two breaths of time!” The fifth-level Bishop Gershwin judged that he only had two breaths of time to fight David.
He didn’t want to run away anymore. If Lord Arthur didn’t kill Lord Arthur, and with Lord Arthur’s pursuit, he might be forced to fight after a few more spatial movements. If he didn’t prepare in time by then, it would be better to have him now. Ready to take action.
/The fifth-level Bishop Gershwin didn’t want to drag it out any longer. This was Dega Planet. Apart from the planet-level portal, there were no portals.
Lord Arthur will not allow him to use the planet-level portal, and there are no other fifth-level strong men on Dega Star to affect their pursuit.
It will be very detrimental to the fifth-level Bishop Gershwin if this continues.
So the next time he used his space ability to appear fifty meters away, the fifth-level Bishop Gershwin did not use his space ability to leave. Instead, a space blade appeared in his hand.
David was a little surprised that the fifth-level Bishop Gershwin didn’t escape again, but he didn’t care as he slashed down with the fifth-level light long sword in his hand.
The fifth-level Bishop Gershwin sneered and slashed at David with the space blade, but the ‘Shadow Pterodactyl’ reacted faster than David. Just when the fifth-level Bishop Gershwin used the space blade to attack,’ The Shadow Pterosaur looked like it had discovered some delicious food, and stretched out its head to peck at it.
The space blade that could threaten a level 5 expert was pecked to pieces by the ‘Shadow Winged Dragon’, turned into bits of space power, and then swallowed by the ‘Shadow Winged Dragon’.
This accident not only surprised the fifth-level Bishop Gershwin, but David was even more surprised. He was extremely worried when he saw the ‘Shadow Pterosaur’ using its fifth-level strength beak to peck the space blade.
Originally, David was planning to use the fifth-level space power to block the space blade, but unexpectedly, it was easily resolved by the ‘Shadow Winged Dragon’.
If the fifth-level Bishop Gershwin had used other energy types to attack, the ‘Shadow Pterodactyl”s inherently weak attack capability would have been impossible to help David.
But the fifth-level Bishop Gershwin used space energy attacks like space blades, but he encountered the expertise of the ‘Shadow Pterodactyl’. In the eyes of the ‘Shadow Pterodactyl’, the space blade was more like a d