from that of the second-level heavy axe. The second-level heavy ax can produce cutting and breaking damage to the second-level Zerg, but the second-level war hammer is a crushing attack with a strong shocking effect.

The two foot joints that were exerting force were hit by two second-level war hammers at the same time. Although the thick shell of the armored rockworm made the crushing attack of the second-level war hammer ineffective, it still caused a heavy blow to the foot joints. , two legs were damaged, causing his body to lose balance.
With a “boom”, a huge body five meters high and seven meters long hit the ground at the top of the city wall and slid ten meters away.
Lieutenant Elmer took this opportunity, and the exoskeleton armor made a violent friction sound with the ground. His body jumped from the ground and jumped onto the back of the armored rock insect.
As soon as his feet touched the back of the armored rock insect, the soles of the exoskeleton armor produced huge suction, allowing his body to stabilize on the back of the armored rock insect.
He grasped the handle of the second-level heavy ax tightly with both hands, and all the strength in his body exploded in an instant, which was increased ten times, causing the second-level heavy ax in his hand to hit the armor with a huge force of nearly 20,000 kilograms. The head of the rockworm was chopped off.
After the armored rockworm fell down, it immediately discovered Lieutenant Elmer on its back. It stretched its two forelimbs upward, ready to attack Lieutenant Elmer.
At the same time, the other two soldiers holding second-level heavy axes also jumped up with all their strength, their exoskeleton armor stretched out in the air, their heavy axes raised high in the air, and they were fully stretched in the air with the strength of their waists.
The two heavy ax warriors completely gave up their defense. At this time, they just wanted to maximize their power.
Stretching and contracting, following these two movements, two heavy axes with faint blue light hit the armored rock insect’s upwardly extending forelimbs heavily.
/The armored rockworm’s forelimbs were struck by two heavy axes. At the same time, Lieutenant Elmer’s secondary heavy ax hit the armored rockworm’s head.
With a “click!”, a crack appeared in the solid shell of the armored rock insect’s head.
The Armored Rock Insect felt the pain in its head and struck out with its forelimbs left and right. The two heavy ax warriors were unable to dodge in the air and were directly shot away.
The armored rockworm’s forelimbs swept towards Lieutenant Elmer again. Lieutenant Elmer’s position made it more difficult for the armored rockworm to deal with. There was the recess behind the head. It could feel the presence of the enemy, but could not see it. It’s even harder to attack.
You can only find the enemy by scanning with your forelimbs.
The two heavy-axe warriors who were blown away flew more than ten meters and hit the ground heavily. Although they tried hard to roll themselves to absorb the fo