groups were stunned, and then they all clicked on “Death Note”.

To have three groups give such a reaction to a piece? It certainly makes others curious.
And when more and more editors clicked on “Death Note”, the editorial office of Tribe Comics suddenly fell into deathly silence.
Everyone looked at each other.
At this moment, without too many words, everyone put down the comics in their hands and started reading “Death Note”.
Luo Wei uploaded five episodes.
The content of the five chapters is neither too much nor too little. It only takes less than half an hour to read it all.
This is still under the condition that everyone is watching very slowly.
There is no way to read it quickly. With the beautiful and gorgeous painting style of “Death Note”, almost every picture can be admired over and over again!
I quickly browsed through it like a gulp, I really feel sorry for such a good painter!
And when everyone finished reading the released content of “Death Note”, the editorial department had already exploded!
Three groups.
Someone whispered: “Do you smell it?”
Qilin subconsciously said: “What?”
The other party’s tone was slightly trembling: “It smells like a masterpiece.”
Qilin was stunned for a moment, then nodded heavily.
In fact.
Editorial reaction is just the tip of the iceberg.
The same time is enough for many readers to finish the initial serialization of “Death Note”.
Then, the comic comment area erupted as expected!
“My mother asked me why I knelt down to read comics.”
“This was drawn by Shadow!?”
“This painting is so beautiful, I give you a knee for the Shadow Master!”
“Don’t look at the plot, just look at the artistry, it’s already the ultimate enjoyment!”
“No, you have to read the plot and follow the plot to make this comic enjoyable!”
“Such a cult comic, with such a gorgeous painting style, I’m sorry, I’m wet.”
“Whoever says that the shadow is a transparent little thing from now on will have nothing to do with me. The shadow is the sun, illuminating the entire comic circle!”
“This painter simply crushes “Spirit of the Halberd Eater”!”
“I thought the painting style of “Spirit of the Halberd Eater” was already very good in the industry. After all, Shadow started his career as a pure painter, but I didn’t expect that Shadow could draw better!”
“Come on, compared to this, the painter of “Net King” is just a younger brother!”
“Why are you comparing “Net King” to “Net King”? After all, it is also the work of Shadow. It should be said that compared with this comic, 99% of the comics on the market have younger brothers in terms of painters!”
/“Don’t just talk about the painter, the plot is also explosive, Yagami Yue is so damn handsome!”
/“The shadow painter turns out to be such a pervert. Why did he go there so long ago? Did he find someone to ghostwrite the works he painted before?”
“I now suspect that his previous works were all painted by assistants.”
While the readers were having a heated discussion, a large banner suddenly appeared at the top of the website: I am full of admira