other realizations, he has a feeling that he will be able to reach the other shore in a short time.

However, Zhang Jian was not sure whether he could become the strongest.
In addition, Zhang Jian also felt that such a breakthrough would probably be a waste of his own opportunities and talents.
He could feel that he was far from reaching the upper limit of the third-level Daojun realm.
He felt that there was still huge room for improvement in the mysteries of the great laws that his Yuan Shen could accommodate, and his own understanding of the Mountains, Rivers, and the State Map was not at an ideal level.
“Whether you sharpen your sword or chop wood, you may be able to cultivate the three corpses to take shape while perfecting the many laws of heaven and earth that you have understood. After you have understood them to the limit, you can then try to chop the corpses and deduce the mysteries of the other side!”
/Zhang Jian thought for a while and decided to stick to his original idea, which was to regard the three-corpse-killing method as a killing power rather than the secret method of enlightenment to the other side.
As for the secret method of enlightenment, he planned to create another one based on the magic method of killing three corpses.
Although the composition of his Mountains and Rivers Sheji Diagram is based on Sheji and Jiuyou, it also contains many laws of heaven and earth, including time and space, heaven and earth, five elements, yin and yang, clear and turbid, and so on.
At this moment, he thought of the Ziyuan Emperor who fell in his hands.
Can he use the same principle of the Ziyuan Emperor’s dharma body, use the mountain and river map as the root, and condense the root god corresponding to many laws from it, similar to the three thousand body gods, smelting the three thousand laws into one furnace, and forging the earth emperor The path and fruition ultimately form a path of their own, from which they transcend.
If successful, after being tempered by the laws of the Three Thousand Great Dao, his Earth Emperor Dao Fruit will definitely be far stronger than his current foundation.
After achieving the other side, it will naturally be extremely terrifying.
“That might be the strongest one.”
Zhang Jian thought to himself.
With an idea in mind, Zhang Jian thought he could give it a try.
Anyway, he has such resources, what if he succeeds?
In the next three thousand years, Zhang Jian focused his energy on cultivating the three corpses to know the self in the secret method of killing the three corpses. In his spare time, he continued to perfect the various laws of heaven and earth in the Mountains and Rivers Society Map, and then continued to try Use the Three Thousand Great Dao Laws to condense the root body and spirit, and hone the feasibility of your own Earth Emperor Dao Laws.
This is considered a strength for him.
During the years when Zhang Jian was in charge of the Three Emperors’ Heavenly Realm, the Taiji Immortal Palace’s Emperor’s Palace had no shortage of guests.
It was rare fo