as undoubtedly a clear provocation.

Fortunately, after realizing that the angry person was targeting the Qi family, Bai Nu stopped his anger and suppressed the power of the Netherworld Divine Realm.
He was still a little displeased and snorted coldly: “Today’s immortal cultivators rely on their own background to use spells indiscriminately. Don’t you know that this will bring disaster to yourself, and sooner or later you will suffer backlash!”
Bai Liying looked slightly surprised when she saw this.
But after receiving the news from Bai Nu a moment later, she looked thoughtful.
Suburbs of the city, in front of the Red Flower Empress Temple
A group of men and horses galloped in from a distance, dust was everywhere, and the horses’ hooves roared!
This scene immediately made many believers in front of the Red Flower Empress Temple nervous. Under the leadership of several Red Lotus Taoist believers, many people also gathered together, and several human walls were quickly formed.
The group of people walked from far to near.
Zhang Jian took the lead, followed by hundreds of county soldiers, each holding an armored shield and a long sword in his hand. The leader was Zhang Kui, one of the five new commanders of the camp on the outskirts of Fengyang County.
There are nearly 8,000 elite soldiers stationed in the county defense camp on the outskirts of Fengyang County. Currently, they are all under the command of Qi Yuansi, the capital inspector. He has five commanders under his jurisdiction, each commanding 1,000 elite soldiers.
Zhang Jian intended to sweep away Honglian Road, so he went to see Qi Yuansi in person. Qi Yuansi waved his hand and asked Zhang Kui to lead a thousand elite soldiers to accompany him.
In fact, to deal with matters in Honglian Road, it is okay to come without the garrison.
But since he has privileges in his hands, Zhang Jian is naturally happy to have less trouble.
“Step aside!”
Seeing this scene at this time, Zhang Kui immediately shouted loudly.
The leader of the red-clothed cultists did not dodge at all, but instead blocked the middle of the road in a low voice.
“Master, please don’t make loud noises before the Queen’s temple, and you can’t offend the gods. If the Queen is blamed, it will definitely damage your family’s blessings!”
Zhang Kui was furious when he heard this. “My lies are deceiving the public!”
/He waved the whip in his hand, and instantly hit the believer blocking the way.
Knock him to the ground.
The force of his whip was so strong that the cultist immediately fell to the ground and groaned.
Seeing this, many believers next to them had unkind expressions and started to make even more noise.
“These big-headed soldiers are beating people. They want to be disrespectful to the queen. We must stop them!”
“Stop them!”
Suddenly some believers started making noises below.
Many of the people who had been surrounding them suddenly became agitated, looking at the many big soldiers with evil eyes.
The Red Flower Empress Temple is very effective.
It has attracted many be