Realm of Immortality.

His main purpose of entering the True Realm of Immortality is to assist the Immortal Divine Court in guarding this realm.
/The next step is to design a defense system suitable for the Immortal Palace to ensure that any unknown threats can be proactively detected at any time.
He had already seen the scene of demons dancing in the sky.
He had to plan ahead and take the initiative.
Beyond that is practice.
Zhang Jian slowly stepped down from the Heavenly Throne, looking at the vibrant and prosperous Immortality Realm below.
These thirty yuan meetings were a good time for him to meditate.
While the war has not yet reached the True Realm of Immortality, he can fully improve his conduct.
If it is just the realm of Taoism, Zhang Jian does not need to worry. With his accumulation, as long as the Taoism improves, he will be able to cross the second-level Taoist realm soon.
But what he wanted to do most was to make up for the huge flaw in the Earth Emperor’s true body’s incomplete essence.
However, speaking of the True World of Immortality, the wood attribute is the most prominent, and there are many spiritual roots of heaven and earth, as well as innate spiritual fruits. Perhaps you can find a way in the True World of Immortality to achieve the most perfect state of your strongest form.
At this time, he glanced at the magnificent celestial sacred tree deep in the void.
The Divine Tree in the Heaven Realm is so luxuriant, and it is gushing ocean-like vitality into the True Realm of Immortality all the time. Even he is a little shocked by such a spiritual root.
This single spiritual root can be regarded as the ancestor of all trees in the true world of immortality.
“Perhaps we can find a solution from this ancestor of ten thousand trees!”
He thought to himself.
He wasn’t thinking about refining this tree.
Although with his magical power of creation, he can indeed do it.
But more importantly, I want to understand the mystery of how this spiritual root nurtures and transforms vitality, or I can use this mystery to let the essence and blood of the Earth Emperor’s true body generate on its own, and also achieve such a state where heaven and earth are integrated and endless.
If he could do this, his true form as the Earth Emperor might really be able to be perfected.
With all kinds of thoughts flashing through his mind, Zhang Jian then started his regular operations.
Things have to come one by one.
This routine operation is the first thing he has to complete.
His routine is simple.
As the Emperor of the Earth, after entering the Heaven Realm, he must first obtain the title of Lord of the Earth.
But no one in the True World of Immortality can stop him from gathering the original power of the earth in this world!
Chapter 760: The Heart of Ten Thousand Trees, the Second Ancestor of Immortality
The Immortal Divine Court originally had the Earth Supreme.
His name is Yunhou Daozun.
It was an innate ancient god born from the True World of Immortality.
He is also of innate divine origin.