the sea, tall and handsome, higher than other mountain peaks!

Xu Ying was looking around when he suddenly heard the crisp sound of birdsong. He looked up and saw a magical bird with a long fire tail flying through the sky.
The divine bird flew into the air, suddenly flapped its wings, and the sky was filled with fire. The divine bird rolled in the fire, increased its speed, and flew away through the air.
Xu Fu said: “The one that flew over just now is a divine bird that has awakened its ancient bloodline. I heard that there is a phoenix living nearby. After the phoenix came here, the number of divine birds gradually increased.”
Xu Ying looked at the deep sycamore tree and saw the sacred bird flying up to the sacred tree and stopping on the tree. He thought to himself: “Could it be Feng Xian’er?”
Abbot Xianshan flew to a nearby mountain peak and passed through the large crack in the center of the mountain. The mountain walls on both sides were covered with strange flesh and blood.
These flesh and blood seemed to be able to smell the breath of living creatures, and suddenly countless tentacles danced and rolled towards them!
All the disciples under Xu Fu’s sect activated their sword energy one after another to fight against the flesh and blood on the cliff, but many disciples were still stabbed by the flesh and blood tentacles. The energy and blood all over their bodies drained crazily, and in the blink of an eye, only a withered skeleton was left!
The disciples killed and injured more than a dozen people. Xu Fu flicked his sleeves, and the entire large crack suddenly shook violently. Countless flesh and blood attached to the cliff exploded and were swept away by him with the flick of his sleeves.
“Thank you Master for the rescue!” all the disciples shouted.
An Qi whispered: “You obviously have the power to destroy all flesh and blood directly, why don’t you do it from the beginning?”
The nearest disciple in white said: “This is a test of our practice. If Master has to take action in everything, how can we grow?”
The other disciples nodded.
An Qi wanted to say more, but suddenly the bell rang, which shocked him so much that he forgot what he wanted to say. An Qixin said: “Why did Mr. Zhong knock on me?”
/Abbot Xianshan flew into the deepest part of the crack, and a huge blood lake appeared in front of him. The blood lake stood in front of him, and thick tentacles of flesh and blood emerged from this blood lake!
Just now Xu Fu took action and wiped away the flesh and blood on the mountain wall, and now new flesh and blood grew out of the blood lake.
The blood in the lake smells stinky and bubbles are bubbling. This place definitely doesn’t look like a paradise!
The Abbot’s Immortal Mountain was getting closer and closer to the Blood Lake. Xu Ying and others in the mountain immediately felt the evil energy coming in. The sword boxes of the disciples around them also vibrated. Suddenly, the sword light flew out, cutting down invisible monsters one after another. Evil spirit.
Whenever an evil spirit is st