t the assistant agent.

The assistant agent nodded.
The robot burst out laughing. Even though he knew he was number three, he couldn’t help but make sure to be safe. It wasn’t that he couldn’t handle King Lanling’s situation, but that he would be affected, and this effect would cause his ranking to drop. .
on the stage.
The judges finished.
The host turned his attention to the jury, and saw a person raising his hand from a distance. He recognized the person as Leng Quan, and suddenly showed a strange smile:
“Teacher Lengquan.”
Everyone raised their heads.
Even the judges couldn’t help but look at Leng Quan. Everyone knew what this “great prophet of mankind” had said about King Lanling in the last two live broadcasts, but today he appeared here as if he was here to give Lanling Wang specially sent faces.
A slap in the face on the spot!
“It’s a little embarrassing.”
Faced with so many eyes, Leng Quan smiled bitterly and said, “I’ll keep it short. Actually, it’s only eight words. I’m sorry, Teacher Lanling, but the clown is me.”
After saying that, Leng Quan bowed.
After a long time, he straightened up again.
He said in the live broadcast before the game that if King Lanling could slap him in the face, he would eat the chair on the spot. Finally, he changed his story and said that he would bow and apologize on the spot.
At this time, Lengquan was very happy. Fortunately, he didn’t say anything to death.
Keep a line in life, the ancients will not deceive me!
The main reason is that the chairs here are made of metal and are so cool to sit on that even an iron-eating beast can’t stand it.
It’s not a problem of gastric lavage, it’s a problem of not having enough teeth.
“Say a few more words.”
The audience in the audience began to boo.
/Do you still need to predict this?
Leng Quan became increasingly helpless: “My face was slapped so hard that the host didn’t even know how to help me out. I’d better beg Teacher Lanling Wang.”
Lin Yuan said: “Go back and listen to the music.”
Leng Quan was stunned for a moment, then smiled. He understood the meaning of King Lanling’s words, just like what he sang today
Canghai laughed.
Don’t let it become a grievance situation.
The game will continue after all, and Lengquan is just a small episode for the show “The King of Masked Singer”. As King Lanling bows and exits, this farce will be temporarily over.
“Teacher Lanling Wang!”
Tongtong’s face was full of excitement, and the girl’s little eyes looking at Lin Yuan now had a color of admiration. She didn’t expect that under the pressure of external public opinion and the opening ceremony, King Lanling would completely explode. !
“Let’s go back.”
The corners of Lin Yuan’s mouth curled up under his mask. He felt like he had become a little more emotional. He didn’t know whether he was infected by the fans who came to the door to support before the recording or because he sensed the concern from around him. In the past, he would show up even when singing. There were times when I had ups and downs of emotion