mal foundation building, so Zhu Peng distributed the elixir to him and asked him to study it. He didn’t want his lifespan to run out and he would die of old age, so he gave him the foundation building pill formula before his lifespan ran out. I reasoned it out, not afraid that this annoying old guy wouldn’t work hard.

What’s more, Zhu Peng knows that there must be some hidden in Granny Ghost. If four pills are really not enough for reverse deduction, then squeeze them out of her body. If there are more than one or two pills, there must be one or two, and one is only applicable. How difficult can it be for a Qi Refining monk to build a Foundation Building Pill? There is only one spiritual elixir that has the highest level, so it cannot be a treasure elixir. (The standards for elixirs in the Age of Dharma Ending, such as magical elixirs, spiritual elixirs, and precious elixirs, may change after the arrival of the high-level immortal realm.)
After handing over the target of this operation to Zhu Peng, Granny Ghost handed over some various elixirs to Zhu Peng. The quantity was quite large and the grade was high. However, if it were Li Liehuo or Taoist Taoist Raptor, Zhu Peng would not suspect them of hiding it secretly. But if it was the ghost mother-in-law in front of him, the more generous she would be, the more Zhu Peng would suspect that she had hidden riches. Although this kind of family action is strictly prohibited by regulations All the income earned by the monks must be handed over to the family, and then the family will assess and reward you for your contribution.
But the actual unspoken rule of this kind of family action is first come first served. You can hide part of it. As long as the amount you take is not too excessive, even if the family notices it, nothing will happen.
“Sir, we encountered four golden-armored puppets in the alchemy room. After barely destroying two of them, the other two puppets that were originally in the early stage of foundation building suddenly strengthened and were directly promoted to the cultivation level of the late stage of foundation building. The three of us It was too hard to resist. Qi San died on the spot, and Zhao Wuji also suffered fatal injuries. The old slave only managed to escape by using a secret method to stay on Zhao Daoyou’s body. It’s just that the life-saving formation plate given by the young master has been used. I am not good at it. We don’t know how long the formation can last for. In short, it’s not advisable to stay for a long time at this time. Young Master, let’s withdraw.”
The words he spoke were sincere and sincere, not only explaining the situation but also completely pushing the death of Qi San and Zhao Wuji. They all thought that Zhu Peng and the other three were blind and could not see the whole process of her devouring Zhao Wuji. They really reached the highest level of lying with their eyes open.
/It’s just that Zhu Peng has to accept the move. Even though the ghost mother-in-law calls herself an old slave at this time, in fact, as lon