od scout” who had almost no substitutes, even if they encountered an invincible opponent. The deeply rooted status gap slowly took root under Zhu Pengrunwu’s silent and gentle methods, and was deeply rooted in the hearts of most cultivators of various blood sects, until they themselves felt that it was a matter of course.

A few months later, the defense of the entire Blood City gradually stabilized before the Zerg suddenly increased its attack intensity. Except for the air strike force, the other monks who defended the city had almost no combat losses, just because of the long-range projection threat of the blue fire giant. , so the Blood City had to deploy a defensive shield for a long time, and the spiritual energy consumption was quite huge, because once the light blue fire rain meteors were allowed to penetrate into the city, the casualties would be staggering. Fortunately, the research department of Blood Soul Ridge has developed Taoist technology that uses the corpses of insect beasts to extract spiritual energy for supply. Although the extracted spiritual energy is impure and extremely unsuitable for practitioners to absorb, it can be used to supply large magic weapons and strengthen them. The giant formation has gradually become more popular.
Of course, this technique of converting living corpses into blood and burning souls to refine true essence is essentially either Shura ghost way or bloody demonic technique. However, in this doomsday era of chaos and killing, no matter how upright a cultivator is, , Taoist priests, it is impossible to suppress the desire of the majority of cultivators for power and the strong yearning for quick success. In this slightly red era background, many techniques from the ghost world and the demon sect began to be used in the blood and soul. It spread secretly but quickly in the city.
“Young Master, I have failed to live up to your high expectations. You have given me so many resources and elixirs, but in the end I still failed to take the last step.” While speaking, a middle-aged Taoist priest in black and gray robes rushed As Zhu Peng knelt down and kowtowed, although the middle-aged Taoist looked reverent at this time, his body was still full of blood and fierceness, which still showed his good status and cultivation. He was Zhu Peng’s former number one general. Because of the future of his daughter Huo Qingman, he reluctantly joined Zhu Peng’s unruly strongman, Taoist Raptor.
Since 2012, the spiritual energy of the earth and stars has returned and the immortal path has been reopened. As soon as Zhu Peng gathered all the resources in his hands, he sent Taoist Raptor into the retreat cave. With a large number of elixirs and the best equipment configuration, Taoist Raptor retreated The overall treatment at that time was almost no worse than that of the Three Blood Elders, which also reflected Zhu Peng’s high hopes for him.
/Unfortunately, things like becoming an immortal by going retrograde and building a tripod to return the foundation are not things that can be easily acc