eting, so she must have missed you.

“Go pack the boxes.”
“Wait a minute, I’m more clingy now.”
“You’re not clingy, you’re very clingy.” Liu Changan couldn’t move because An Nuan hugged him from behind.
Porridge is an ordinary thing, but it is not easy to make good porridge. To really make good porridge, choosing the variety of rice is a science. The rice is fresh every season, and it is dust-free and soaked in water without a trace of turbidity. Just soak it overnight, drain it, stir it in peanut oil, and simmer it in boiling water until the water and rice blend together, making it soft and greasy. This is the best rice porridge.
As for adding meat, fruits, etc., they are just seasonings to make it easier to eat, and the original flavor of the porridge is lost.
Liu Changan would not ask Liu Yuewang and An Nuan to have the same taste as him. This kind of porridge is actually very comfortable to eat, but not everyone may like it, not to mention that there is no time to make it slowly now.
He just knew that Liu Yuewang’s house contained a lot of convenience food. He had seen a box of vegetarian porridge when cooking here before, and it was ready quickly after adding water and boiling it.
Liu Changan added a few eggs, and he was going to eat some.
I brought out three bowls of porridge, but didn’t put them on the table. I just sat on the sofa and started eating one bowl at a time.
“I have a very long shredded pork here. I want to give it to Liu Changan.” An Nuan took a spoon and looked through it, found a two centimeter long shredded pork, and quickly gave it to Liu Changan.
“Have you put any sugar?” Liu Yuewang asked Liu Changan.
“No, this isn’t sweet porridge.” Liu Changan shook his head.
“Then are you eating sweet?”
/“Sweet.” Liu Changan laughed.
An Nuan was a little embarrassed, touched her cheek, held the bowl and started drinking porridge.
“I’m eating sour. It’s really sour. Chang’an, I’m not saying that your craftsmanship is not good.” Liu Yuewang sighed, “I think you should get married as soon as you graduate. Then move out and live by yourself, so as not to worry about me.” Seeing her like this makes me want to vomit acidic water every day and suffer from gastrointestinal discomfort.”
“Mom, I found that after Liu Changan and I fell in love, you really had too many opinions. Were you not so mean before?” An Nuan blushed angrily. After all, her mother mentioned something about “marriage”. This is not a good thing for a young girl. She is still a little shy and uneasy, but anger is inevitable. Why does she always have such big opinions?
While saying that she admires Liu Changan and supports An Nuan and Liu Changan being together, she mocks them endlessly. What kind of mentality does she have? An Nuan couldn’t help but wonder, could it be that her mother really saw that she and Liu Changan were so sweet and wanted to fall in love but couldn’t, so that’s why she was like this?
“I’m just telling you, just pretend you didn’t hear me.” Liu Yuewang continued to drink porridge.
An Nuan could only