by Wei Xiaobei’s mind hung in the air, slowly spreading some heat into the space. The rain cloud was slowly moving over the land, and there were many rabbits chasing the rain cloud excitedly. , gnawing on the tender grass that had just been watered by the rain.

Afterwards, Wei Xiaobei directly contacted the fireball and learned all about the current situation in the space.
It should be said that the biological chain created by Wei Xiaobei in this space is still barely functioning, but it has also shown some decline as time goes by.
This is also a helpless thing.
To put it bluntly, this space is just like the simulated biosphere established by scientists in reality. It is small in area and has few organisms. Although it seems that it can be maintained forever, in fact, its ability to resist risks is extremely poor, and any kind of organisms will have problems. , it may cause the biological chain in the biosphere to collapse in a short period of time.
Such a situation occurred in Wei Xiaobei’s space.
Although there is a lot of grass growing on the ground, the color of the grass is slightly abnormal due to the lack of various fertilizers needed by plants in the soil.
/The feces excreted by those animals is not enough to make the land fertile.
To put it simply, once the amount of green grass is not enough to sustain the food of insects and other creatures, the biological chain will collapse instantly.
Insects and rabbits will eat up all the grass in order to fill their stomachs, and eventually they will starve to death. Foxes that feed on rabbits will not live much longer. I am afraid that in the end, only Wei Xiaobei will be able to survive in this dimension. Just trees, or some surviving grass species.
Fortunately, he came in at this time, and Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but feel a little lucky.
The piece of second-rate quality thunder soil was then thrown towards the slowly moving rain cloud by Wei Xiaobei.
In an instant, the thunder and earth rushed into the rain clouds. Perhaps because of the presence of rain, the thunder and lightning contained in the thunder and earth was instantly stimulated by the rain.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t pay attention to all this. His attention was on the flashing lightning.
/As the lightning flashed, Wei Xiaobei could feel that a lot of nitrogen compounds had been incorporated into the falling rainwater. As the rainwater fell into the soil, the fertilizer in the soil would increase.
In fact, this is the gift of nature in reality. The fertilizer produced in the world every year far exceeds the fertilizer produced by humans themselves.
However, the piece of thunder soil that Wei Xiaobei brought in was only the size of a palm, and the thunder and lightning contained in it flashed a few times before disappearing without a trace.
Seeing this, Wei Xiaobei frowned.
Undoubtedly, the lightning in this thunder soil is like fuel, a one-time consumable. Once consumed, it is gone.
Of course, with Wei Xiaobei’s current level of research into the mysteries of space, naturally gene